VIDEO: Landry Fields Performing as Lionel Ritchie and Pitbull

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VIDEO: Billy Butler Grounds Out to Jose Bautista in Right Field

“Billy with a base hit to right … nevermind.” Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Two of the Greatest Moments in Spelling Bee History at the 2014 Bee

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VIDEO: A Bunch of People Looking Stupid and Getting Hurt Doing CrossFit

Pain is temporary, but Internet humiliation is forever, CrossFit bros. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Gregg Popovich Stunned by the Stupidity of David Aldridge’s Question

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VIDEO: Charles Barkley Thinks Manu Ginobili is from the European Nation of Argentina

The greatest European player ever? Has to be Hakeem Olajuwon. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: 50 Cent Throws Worst First Pitch Ever

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VIDEO: Frank Vogel Screams at Shane Battier Mid-Shot

Come on, Frank Vogel. That sort of stuff is great to do if you’re coaching against kids. But pros like Shane Battier play right through it. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Behold the World’s Worst Tennis Reporter

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VIDEO: Behold the World’s Worst Soccer Goalie

Hopefully he didn’t make the U.S. World Cup squad. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Fenway Security Politely Tries Not to Crush Drunk Woman on Field

She is tackled quite easily. Perhaps the 17 beers affected her balance. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Guy Arrested in Drug Raid Says, “I’m Innocent. Roll Tide.”

Under Alabama law, saying “Roll Tide” after any arrest immediately grants you your freedom.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Norm Macdonald Explains Why He Doesn’t Like Oscar Pistorious

CBS needs a late-night host who is a strong supporter of the legged. Continue Reading →