VIDEO: The Cubs Scoreboard Operator Fell Asleep Because Cubs

It’s hard to find a new Most Cubs Thing Ever, but this is right up there. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: If 50 Cent Pitched to Bartolo Colon

So much Mets happening here.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: RoboCop Has a Lousy Throwing Motion

Criminals are going to crush RoboCop’s pathetic pitching. - – - – - Also see …  VIDEO: 50 Cent pitching to Bartolo Colon VIDEO: Japanese pitcher throws mile-high ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Wiffle Ball Ump Takes a Liner to the Wiffle Balls

More humiliating: taking a Wiffle ball liner to the crotch or wearing actual umpire gear to ump a Wiffle ball game? Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Japanese League Pitcher Throws Mile High Eephus Pitch

That was a strike. That umpire clearly didn’t take Eephus Class at Umpire School. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Drew Doughty Had the Best Going-to-the-Stanley-Cup-Finals Celebration Ever

Unfortunately he is now out for the Finals with embarrassment. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Miami Heat Fan Grandma Should Have Her Own Sports Show

She is far more lucid than Donald Sterling. Make her an owner. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Landry Fields Performing as Lionel Ritchie and Pitbull

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VIDEO: Billy Butler Grounds Out to Jose Bautista in Right Field

“Billy with a base hit to right … nevermind.” Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Two of the Greatest Moments in Spelling Bee History at the 2014 Bee

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VIDEO: A Bunch of People Looking Stupid and Getting Hurt Doing CrossFit

Pain is temporary, but Internet humiliation is forever, CrossFit bros. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Gregg Popovich Stunned by the Stupidity of David Aldridge’s Question

Go beat yourself up, Aldridge. You deserve it. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Charles Barkley Thinks Manu Ginobili is from the European Nation of Argentina

The greatest European player ever? Has to be Hakeem Olajuwon. Continue Reading →