VIDEO: Dunking on a Trampoline Launches Person to Failure

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VIDEO: The Accidental College Basketball Assist of the Year

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VIDEO: The Sixers Even Suck at Getting Their Fans Free Big Macs

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VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan Dunks on Teammate Blake Griffin’s Head

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VIDEO: Dwight Howard is Such a Good Teammate He Even Passes to Teammates on the Bench

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VIDEO: Iguanas Are Trying to Eat Our Golf Balls

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VIDEO: All-Star Dad Chooses Loose Baseball Over Son’s Life

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VIDEO: Wrestler Gets Out of Hold by Farting in Opponent’s Face

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VIDEO: The 2014 Minnesota High School Hockey All-Hair Team

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VIDEO: Iowa State Fans Flop When Marcus Smart Gets Introduced

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VIDEO: College Volleyball Player Takes a Spike to the Face

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VIDEO: The Best Soccer Analysis You’ll Ever Hear (Contains Profanity)

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