VIDEO: Police Chase Cuts Through Fargo, ND, Golf Course

Seems like an overreaction by the police just because someone didn’t replace a divot. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Matt Joyce Hits a Ball Right Back Into the Pitching Machine

Looks like the pitching machine coach guy is no longer needed. Pack up your office, fella. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Gregg Popovich Counts Up the Spurs’ NBA Titles

A direct shot at LeBron??!?!?! Probably not. But let’s make it into that anyway.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: World Cup Ref Gets Snubbed by Handshake, Tries to Play It Off

He should have hit that guy with a yellow card for rudeness. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: LA Kings Fans Shoot Drone Out of the Sky with T-Shirt Cannon

Thanks a log, Kings fans. Now you taught America’s enemies how to defeat our drones. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Idiot Nearly Kills Himself Stepping Onto Moving Treadmill

Falling so hard on a treadmill is a great workout for flexibility and shoulder strength.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Rugby Streaker Meets Inevitable End

A rugby field is probably the last one you want to streak, naked drunk man.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Girl in High Heels Falls Hard on Ice After Kings Win Stanley Cup

High heels and ice are a dangerous mix. We need a national awareness campaign. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Minor Leaguer Quintin Berry Circles the Bases and Slides Home After Getting Ejected

Quintin Berry? More like Dingle Berry, amiright? (Please form a single line for high-fives.) Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Kawhi Leonard Responds to Stupid Stuart Scott Question Perfectly

A follow up: “Talk a little bit about who you are, Kawhi Leonard.” Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Landon Donovan is Taking His World Cup Omission in Stride

Bonus points for the fountain photo on the laptop.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Justin Rose Chunks Pitch Shot 10-Feet

At least he finished it with a cool Yasiel Puig golf club toss. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: 5 Year-Old Boy Gets Super-Motivated for Tee Ball

That tee isn’t going to stand a chance against this little guy. Continue Reading →