VIDEO: Hockey Ref Seems Pretty Drunk

He’s either drunk or the most relaxed ref ever.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Charles Barkley Makes Shaq Look Stupid Again

Watch out, Charles. Shaq is sure to come back with a zinger a lot of people will feel obligated to fake laugh at. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Idiot “Jeopardy” Contestant Thinks Magic Johnson Played Hockey

I wish I was alive to have seen Magic Johnson lead Michigan State to a title in the Frozen Four. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Hockey Player Gets Penalty for Drinking from Someone Else’s Water Bottle

Well, it is cold and flu season. He should be forever banned from hockey.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Milan Lucic Drops Alexei Emelin with a Stick to the Taint

Time to start wearing taint pads, Emelin. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Little Kid Gets Crushed by Check in NHL Game

The glass didn’t shatter and stab him with razor-sharp glass shards. So that’s one thing to be grateful for. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Behold the Face of Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball

Double-bird karma! Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Arizona Pep Band is Very … Peppy

That is a sweet stroke, fella. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Mercer Dances After Beating Duke

It’s like this every day at Mercer. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Iowa Trombone Player is Very Angry

Sad trombone begets angry trombone. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: MMA Guy Knocked Out in 1.13 Seconds

1.13 seconds isn’t even enough time to work in multiple martial arts. No time for mixing! Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Guy Dressed as Marshawn Lynch Competes in Cross Country Ski Race in Switzerland

What is strange about this? Probably happens all the time.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Umpire Takes a Line Drive in the 2 Balls and 1 Strike

Two balls, no cup. Continue Reading →