The Army is Becoming More Liberal

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He’s the Leader of Iran’s Seal Team 6

From @the_ironsheik AKA retired professional wrestler The Iron Sheik … - – – – - Continue Reading →

Miniature Badass Wrestler

No jokes here. He might kick my ass. Continue Reading →

Wrestling Baby Will Break Your Arm

Baby cauliflower ear is so adorable. Continue Reading →

Wrestling Kid Has the Nicest Unitard on the Whole Team

That would also work well if he tried out for the figure skating team. Continue Reading →

Analyzing How Athlete Candidates Fared This Election

Shawn Bradley OFFICE: Utah House of Representatives RESULT: Defeated IMPACT: Utah voters did not care for Bradley's pledge to make Utah the first state to classify dunking on ... Continue Reading →

Wrestling Fans Unsure Of Who To Root For In Match Between Black Guy and Middle Eastern Guy

Attendees at last Thursday’s “Extreme Nashville Pro Wrestling” summer event at VFW Post 151 became visibly and audibly confused during a match between The Iraqi ... Continue Reading →

Fans of professional wrestling simply don’t understand the purity of real wrestling.

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WWE to Investigate Long-Term Effects of Referee Concussions

WorldWrestlingEntertainment, Inc. (WWE) has announced it will commission its own study to investigate the lasting health consequences of the near-daily head injuries suffered by its ... Continue Reading →

Amazing Mexican Wrestlers

These guys could probably survive a Stone-Cold Stunner. YEAH RIGHT. Continue Reading →

Awkward Women’s Wrestling Action Shot

I didn’t know Middle School Bullying was an Olympic sport! Continue Reading →