The 9 Funniest Wrestling Photos of All-Time (Probably)!

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VIDEO: Wrestler Gets Out of Hold by Farting in Opponent’s Face

That’s just basic wrestling fundamentals. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Sumo Wrestling Body Slam

They hold sumo wrestling competitions outside now because the sumo wrestler farts became too overwhelming to fans indoors. Continue Reading →

8 Possible Reasons the Olympics Dropped Wrestling

#1 – The Scourge of Butt Fingering #2 – Penis Biting Continue Reading →

Most Violent High School Wrestling Match Ever

Nice move. The ol' sneak attack light drop. Continue Reading →

Anthony Davis Loses to Armenian Wrestler in Olympic Unibrow-Off

In wrestling, it’s legal to grab someone by the unibrow. Continue Reading →

Olympic Wrestler Does the Old Head-in-Ass Move

Looks like he pinned his taint. Continue Reading →

Wrestling Ref Smells Possible Cheating

His job is to sniff out gold. Continue Reading →

Sumo Referee Loses Sumo Bout by Unanimous Decision

Now who will judge fat guys slapping each other? Continue Reading →

Female Wrestler Chokes a Guy Out

There's no shame in losing to a girl. Unless she's named "Courtney". Continue Reading →

Amazing Wrestling Move … In Real Wrestling!

That guy is going to get a folding chair to the head next round. Continue Reading →

5 Famous Sports Movie Characters: Where Are They Now?

Ivan Drago — "Rocky IV" Drago sadly passed away in 2003 due to brain tumors brought on by years of using steroids. Until the time of his passing, he lived in the same ... Continue Reading →

The Wrestler on Top is Winning in More Ways Than One

Chances are the bottom quit wrestling after this match. Continue Reading →

The Army is Becoming More Liberal

"Drop and give me a blow job, private!" Continue Reading →

He’s the Leader of Iran’s Seal Team 6

From @the_ironsheik AKA retired professional wrestler The Iron Sheik … – – – – – Continue Reading →

Miniature Badass Wrestler

No jokes here. He might kick my ass. Continue Reading →

Wrestling Baby Will Break Your Arm

Baby cauliflower ear is so adorable. Continue Reading →

Wrestling Kid Has the Nicest Unitard on the Whole Team

That would also work well if he tried out for the figure skating team. Continue Reading →