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VIDEO: Chris Farley Wisconsin Recruiting Video Unearthed

This is obviously old. Today’s college grads can only dream of moving out of their parents house and into a van down by the river. Continue Reading →

A Complete Rundown of Every Team Tony Romo Has Caused to Lose by His Very Presence

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VIDEO: College Hockey Players Get Masks Stuck Together

Two minutes for hooking on one of those helmets. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Wisconsin’s Hockey Play-by-Play Guy Has Soprano Goal Call

On a hat trick, your TV screen shatters.  Continue Reading →

Wisconsin’s Coach Picks Nose, Eats Boogers

Joe Rudolph is Wisconsin's TE coach and recruiting coordinator. Recruits love booger-eating. Continue Reading →

Extremely Drunk Wisconsin Fans: The TV Show

When they grow up they become extremely drunk Packers fans. Continue Reading →

Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: Wisconsin vs. Michigan State

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Wisconsin Boasts of Its Poop vs. Nebraska

Take that, Nebraska? Continue Reading →

Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

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Why Must the People of Wisconsin Hate The Jimmer?

The Cheeseheads have restricted the growth of their brains. Continue Reading →

Incredibly Confusing Basketball Play

No reason that shouldn't work because it would confuse the defense, too. Continue Reading →

Terrifying Ginger Basketball Player

More troubling: His appearance or Wisconsin’s style of play? Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Hockey Player Picks Fight with the Net

In fairness, the goal hadn't closed its mouth all night. Continue Reading →
College GameDay - 2005

Suggested College GameDay Sign of the Week

ESPN's College GameDay is in Madison, Wisconsin this week for Wisconsin vs. Ohio State. – – – – – Continue Reading →

Accurately Named College Teams

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