7 Extreme Winter Sports That Should be Added to the Winter X Games

Extreme Ice Fishing Description: Each contestant is assigned to a frozen pond and given 100 pounds of C-4. The X-fisher who kills the most fish wins. Style points: Given for the X-fishers ... Continue Reading →

Apolo Ohno and Charlie Weis Halloween Costumes

The theme apparently was sportsmen who are in great shape. Continue Reading →

The 10 Worst Losses in USA Sports History

#10 – U.S. Women in the 2011 World Cup Final Why it was bad: The U.S. was a heavy favorite against Japan and twice had a lead late in the match before giving up an equalizer ... Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Skiing Success!

Make sure that you’re properly attired to stay warm and dry by picking up a pair of bibs. Remember, although you may be an adult, wearing bibs is still considered cool during ... Continue Reading →

Lindsey Vonn Would Like You To See Her Hoo-Ha

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry5daaPahpI&feature=sports-bg-SpotlightVideos She should have been Sharon Stone in "If These Walls Could Talk 2." Continue Reading →

Olympic mascots through the years … a gallery of terrifying failure

London 2012 has introduced its official mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville.Wenlock is on the left, Mandeville is on the right. Or rather: Mandeville is the one with crotchless pants, Wenlock ... Continue Reading →

Heavy Metal Figure Skating

His triple battle axle was flawless, but the lack of pig blood in his routine is gonna cost him some points. Continue Reading →

Canada’s curling team receives a Royal Canadian Mounted Police escort through Edmonton International Airport, mercifully making Canada a punchline aga

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Vancouver 2010 Olympians: Where are they now?

For two weeks every four years, Olympians dominate the world stage. But then they quickly fade back into oblivion. What became of all the stars of the Vancouver Olympics after the Games ... Continue Reading →

Sidney Crosby unveils the new Canadian flag, featuring the maple leaf with Sidney Crosby’s face above it.

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After winning gold in the men’s 500-meter short track, Canada’s Charles Hamelin French-Canadian kisses his girlfriend.

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How China is reporting the Winter Olympics to its citizens

China's medal count at the Vancouver Olympics stands at nine — good for 9th place overall, 23 medals behind the United States. But the Chinese people are hearing very different ... Continue Reading →

Biathlon Gold Won with Clutch Grenade

Russia won the women's biathlon relay at the Vancouver Olympics yesterday thanks to a clutch final leg by Olga Zaitseva in which she set aside her rifle and instead completely ... Continue Reading →