Which “Regular” Athlete Would be Best at Each Winter Olympic Sport?

Alpine Skiing = LeBron James He has strength. He has agility. He is fearless and he would put in the work required to be a successful skier.  Continue Reading →

8 More Sports America Should Invent to Win More Winter Olympic Medals

1. Ice Basketball The USA is the best at basketball. (Suck it, other nations.) The only problem is that basketball is confined to the Summer Games. Making ice basketball would change ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Downhill Ballet Ski Dancing Was Once a Thing

The fact that this doesn’t exist anymore means we can never laugh again. Continue Reading →

Brief Descriptions for Each Winter Olympic Sport

Alpine Skiing For rich kids who took their family ski vacations really seriously.  Continue Reading →
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PICTURE: Norway’s Curling Team is Super Badass

You simply can’t look any cooler while sweeping someone’s sidewalk. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: USA Hockey Team Is Not Looking Very Good on Skates

Hopefully their stick skills are a little better.  Continue Reading →

Sometimes Wheaties is Flexible with Its “Breakfast of Champions” Slogan

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Great Moments in Winter Sports Failure

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German Guy Loses Ice Diving Competition

So German people can laugh. Huh. Continue Reading →

Study: Olympics Failed to Stop War Again

A study of current world event suggests that this summer's London Olympics completely failed to foster a peace and understanding among all nations. "We were hoping this would ... Continue Reading →

Winter Olympians Dead to Us

by Ross Snow After winning over the hearts of millions of Americans just two years ago, the 2010 Winter Olympians now merit not even a passing thought in the nation's consciousness. ... Continue Reading →

The 10 Greatest British Athletes of All-Time

1. Andy Murray In 2012, Murray became the first British person to appear in a Wimbledon final since 1938. He lost, rather soundly, but at least he made it to a championship. That's ... Continue Reading →

The Funniest Athlete Names in Sports History

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