Dude Too Strong for His Pull-Up Bar

Ha! He can't even do one pull-up. What a weak wimp. Continue Reading →

Female Weightlifter Has Hard Muscles, Hair

Her follicles can bench 375. Continue Reading →

Russian Meathead Lifts Two Smaller Meatheads

In his country, bar lifts YOU! Continue Reading →

The Official Exercise Program of Your Nightmares

The first step towards fitness is taking an acid trip. Continue Reading →

World’s Worst Exercise

It's great if you want to rehab your back … after you get back surgery for doing this. Continue Reading →

Weightlifter’s Success Goes To His Head, Where Blood Should Be

Let's hope he also has a strong face. (via Page 2) Continue Reading →

The 15 Most Ridiculous Sports Gadgets

#1 — The Potty Putter Forget reading the paper or gathering your thoughts; the time you spend on the toilet gives golfers a valuable opportunity to work on their putting. The ... Continue Reading →

This could hurt the image of female weightlifters

It could also give the guy in the front row her stomach virus. Continue Reading →

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t … AAAAAHHHHH.

This workout gets your abs and your neck. Continue Reading →

Someone get this weightlifter’s stomach some steroids

You know, this never happens to televangelist Pat Robertson when he leg-presses 2,000 pounds. (VIDEO) Continue Reading →

The Incredible Hulk is disqualified from an Iranian bodybuilding tournament for a perceived political statement.

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9 Steps for Bigger Biceps — by That Guy at the Gym

Many sports fans also are active individuals who like to stay in shape themselves. So SportsPickle asked that guy at the gym to provide some tips for getting those bulging biceps you've ... Continue Reading →

Brenda Roberts (Sandy, Utah > Powerlifting)

BRENDA ROBERTS SANDY, UTAH > Powerlifting Roberts, 16, won gold medals in the female deadlift, bench press and combination bench press/deadlift at last week's junior nationals ... Continue Reading →