All the Kids are Doing Jet Pack Water Basketball Now

As mom always said: It's all fun and games until you fly into an overpass. Continue Reading →

How to Get a Beach Body in 10 Minutes!

*1. Do a bunch of push-ups* – Before walking out to the beach, you'll want to go into your hotel room's bathroom or find an empty room in your condo and bang out a whole ... Continue Reading →

Great Moments in Water Sports Failure

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Beer-Swilling Water Skiier

Now catch a martini. Continue Reading →

Water Skiing in the Wrong Direction

She'll be able to water ski better on her prosthetic legs. Continue Reading →

Couch Surfing

It's the official state water sport of West Virginia. Continue Reading →

Backyard Waterslide Fail

EMBED-Backyard Waterslide Fail – Watch more free videos That might be a wetsuit. Or it could be the flesh of a fat seal. Continue Reading →

40-Foot Slip-n-Slide

In the winter it makes a great ski jump. Continue Reading →

Local TV Breaking News: Jet Pack Fails

I'll definitely go to the boat show to see that. Continue Reading →

Pride Cometh Before the Jet Ski Crash

Today's jet skiiers are much cockier than those from the old days. Continue Reading →