VIDEO: Watch Otto Porter Play Horrific/No Defense on Tony Snell

To follow his man on defense, they may need to get him a tele … PORTER. [coughs] Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Gilbert Arenas is Spending His Retirement Destroying Roy Hibbert on Instagram

  Hibbert should challenge Arenas to a fingagunz duel. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: John Wall Has a Little Trouble on the Break

In Wall’s defense, he probably expected a few of his teammates to make the trip down the floor with him. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Wizards Debut New “Bandwagon Cam” for Heat Fans

Oh, how Washington dreams of having a basketball team bandwagon fans would even consider rooting for. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Gilbert Arenas Agrees He Has the Worst Contract in NBA History

  He will eat some humble pie, especially if he is paid $111 million to eat it.  Continue Reading →
martell webster

VIDEO: Martell Webster Thinks His Kids’ Drawings Suck

Honest assessment. Imagine what he thinks of the Wizards. Continue Reading →

Oh, No. Sports Radio Caller Has Take on Gay Issues.

A caller just now into Nashville's Sports Talk 980 drive-time show, "Crazy Mike and The Pete Show," says he has something to say about NBA player Jason Collins revealing ... Continue Reading →

Wizards’ Broadcasters Have as Much Trouble as the Wizards

Trevor Ariza sure looked sad for hitting a game-winner. Continue Reading →

Do you think Michael Jordan could still play in the NBA at age 50?

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Emeka Okafor Saves Fan from Certain Death

It's a Wizards fan. He wanted to die. Way to ruin it, Okafor. Continue Reading →

John Wall Watches Wizards’ Games Like They Should be Watched

Do the John Wall hopeless glance. Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Are You a Moron?

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Even in Victory the Wizards are Embarrassing

Looks like we have an early favorite for next year's dunk contest. Continue Reading →

Papa Johns is Doing Pretty Well With Its Washington Wizards Promotion

The Wizards have 5 wins. In three of them they broke 100. FREE PIZZA IF THEY WIN THE NBA FINALS!!! Continue Reading →

Even When the Wizards Play Defense They Do It Wrong

Have to like his hustle. And hate his brain. Continue Reading →

Washington Wizards’ Website Would Like You to Vote Terribly

Why only list four players when the entire roster is equally undeserving? Continue Reading →
Washington Wizards hold a workout for University of Kentucky G John Wall

Updated John Wall Dance to Include Silent Weeping

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall announced today that his eponymous dance will now conclude with silent weeping and a holding of the head. "You always have to keep it ... Continue Reading →

Wizards’ Season Highlights Include Not Getting Killed at Home by the Mavericks

Hey, it’s hard to market a franchise that awful. Continue Reading →