Dan Snyder’s High School Yearbook Photo

He was voted Most Likely to be an Incompetent Sports Team Owner. Continue Reading →

Redskins: "Kirk Cousins is the right quarterback to move us past the 40-hour Robert Griffin III era"

The Washington Redskins introduced new quarterback Kirk Cousins at a packed press conference today, describing the 4th Round pick as a great fit for the organization. "This is ... Continue Reading →

Depressing Washington Redskins Fan T-Shirt

T-shirts, stadium, players, games … really everything about the Redskins is depressing. Continue Reading →
Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III Trying to Enjoy His Final Weeks of Happiness Before Becoming a Redskin

The last seven months of Robert Griffin III's life has been the stuff of dreams. An outstanding senior season at Baylor led to the school's first Heisman Trophy, a 10-win ... Continue Reading →

Redskins Fan Has a Robert Griffin III License Plate

Whoa! Whoa! Pump the breaks. Literally. You might hit someone. Continue Reading →

Mike Shanahan and Dan Snyder Reveal Where They Make All of Their Genius Decisions

"Okay, we’ll have two dozen parmesan garlic wings and two mediocre receivers." Continue Reading →

Report: NFL Team Has Been Openly and Purposely Using Offensive "Redskins" Term for Nine Decades

The Washington Redskins football team is facing heavy criticism today over reports that it has openly been using a term seen as offensive to many Native Americans since the franchise's ... Continue Reading →

9 Potential New Names for the Washington Wizards

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Styling Redskins Fan

Redskins fans are known for being fashion forward. Continue Reading →

Mike Shanahan Seems Displeased

He must have smelled Washington’s performance. Continue Reading →

Mike Shanahan is Fully Roasted

Unfortunately, he tastes like failure. Continue Reading →

Mickey Rourke’s Career Low: Liking Rex Grossman

"A Trainwreck with Balls": The Rex Grossman Story. Continue Reading →

Virginia Resident Not a Big Fan of Tony Romo

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Here’s the Redskins’ Internet Password, Via FOX

It’s password-protected so idiots like Joe Buck can’t get on. Continue Reading →

Rex Grossman Sucks, But At Least He’s Fat

Looks like a local pizza shop delivers to the bench. Continue Reading →

Washington Redskins Toothtoo? Tatooth? Tooth Tattoo.

Doesn’t matter how much he brushes and flosses. That tooth will rot. Continue Reading →

Redskins Fans Understandably Hate Dan Snyder

I’m sure he’ll be suing them soon. Continue Reading →

Redskins Change Mike Shanahan’s Next Tanning Appointment to Sunday at Kickoff

Minutes after being told that Rex Grossman would start ahead of Donovan McNabb at quarterback on Sunday versus Dallas, Washington captains London Fletcher and Lorenzo Alexander met ... Continue Reading →