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Climatologist: “Hopefully one day the NFC East will be claimed by rising oceans”

A leading climatologist said today that while rising ocean levels remain a threat to hundreds of millions around the globe in the coming decades, the flooding of the U.S. East Coast ... Continue Reading →

14 Ideas for a New Washington Redskins Name — by Your Uncle

Washington What Happened to Freedom of Speech in This Country? Is This Not America Anymore?s Washington REDSKINS — You know, all CAPS to show we’re not backing down to PC ... Continue Reading →
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Kirk Cousins Insists RG3 is Ready to Take Full-Speed Hits to His Knees

Washington backup quarterback Kirk Cousins showed support for Robert Griffin III today saying he believes RG3 should “immediately be given the opportunity to take hits to his ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Excited Washington Fans Not Worrying About Whales in Captivity

Many captured whales are forced to play offensive line. Continue Reading →
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RG3 Confident He Can Start Week 1, And Then Again Week 15 or So

Despite being less than seven months from undergoing reconstructive knee surgery, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin, III declared today after practice that he feels he ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Sobbing Redskins Fan Just Wanted an Autograph, Is World’s Most Pathetic Person

She probably handled RG3′s knee injury very well. Continue Reading →

RGIII Ends Sham Engagement, Keeps All the Blenders He Got

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III announced today that his engagement his off. "We never planned to get married. I never planned to get married. I'm rich, ... Continue Reading →

Thousands Named “Snyder” Petition Redskins Owner Dan Snyder to Change His Name

More than 700,000 Americans with the last name "Snyder" delivered a petition to the home offices of the Washington Redskins today demanding that team owner Daniel Snyder ... Continue Reading →

James Harden is DeAngelo Hall; DeAngelo Hall is James Harden

Sorry, James. You’re now an overrated NFL defensive back. Continue Reading →

RGIII’s New Nickname

He’s so awesome, he gets to park close to every building. Continue Reading →

Redskins Fans Continue to Struggle with Success

They didn't even have Christmas in Washington, D.C., before RG III arrived. Continue Reading →

America Hates America’s Team

Hmm. It almost makes you think that they’re not … nah. Foolish thought. Continue Reading →

Redskins Fans Are Not Handling Success Well

It's a new low for Dan Snyder. Continue Reading →