RG III: “My tires getting slashed was just a team-building exercise”

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III had his tires slashed by teammates after practice today, but insists he has the full support of his fellow players and that the incident was ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Washington PR Guy Yells “No Means No!” Over Colt McCoy Interview

Apparently “No means no” is only used in NFL circles in regards to interviews. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: “The Daily Show” KILLSTROYED Dan Snyder and His Fans (But Really)

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive “Am I not a Native American? I was born here.” My god. Continue Reading →

Griffins to Discontinue Faulty RG Line

The Griffins announced today that they will no longer produce RGs, in light of the many maintenance issues with the latest model, RGIII.  Continue Reading →

A Letter to Dan Snyder on Saving the History and Tradition of FedEx Field

To Dan Snyder: I want to reach out to you about a topic I wish to address directly: your team’s stadium, FedEx Field. Here is what I believe and why I believe it. Continue Reading →

Report: Eagles Worried DeSean Jackson Will Order a Training Camp Drive-By

Members of the Philadelphia Eagles front office are reportedly growing increasingly concerned that former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson could order a shooting at their training ... Continue Reading →

9 Officially Licensed Redskins Products That Honor Native Americans

1. Redskins Thong Panties Continue Reading →

Athlete Apps: LeBron, RGIII, Johnny Football and Derek Jeter

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Crips Release DeSean Jackson Over Concern About His Affiliation with Washington Redskins Organization

The Crips street gang announced today they will be releasing DeSean Jackson, amidst rumors of possible ties with one of the most troubled and controversial franchises in the NFL, the ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Jay Gruden is as Sick of Hearing About RGIII as Everyone Else Is

Enjoy your time there, Jay. Only a few million RG3-related questions to go. Continue Reading →

Report: Shanahans Giving Kirk Cousins All the “Good plays”

Suspicions that Mike Shanahan is not being truthful with his stated reasoning for sitting Robert Griffin III for the remainder of the season gained credence today with reports of favoritism ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Washington Crowd More a Smattering of People

  It’s because RG3 is such a huge, marketable star! Continue Reading →

VIDEO: 6-Second Metaphor for RG3’s NFL Career

Mike Shanahan probably put that plastic there. Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Card from Dan Snyder

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RGIII Disappointed in Opposing NFL Teams for Not Letting Him Showcase His Talents

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III ripped the entire NFL today for its continued insistence on preventing him from having success on the field. “I have a huge ceiling as ... Continue Reading →
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RGIII Not Sure if He’ll Start Mike Shanahan at Head Coach This Week

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III addressed the media today on the job status of head coach Mike Shanahan. While refusing to give his head coach a vote of confidence, RGIII ... Continue Reading →
kyle shan csnwash

Mike Shanahan Tells Kyle Shanahan He Must Finish Game Plan Before Going Trick or Treating

Kyle Shanahan, half dressed in a Thomas the Tank Engine costume, was sent back to his bedroom Thursday afternoon and told to finish the offensive game plan for Washington’s contest ... Continue Reading →
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Climatologist: “Hopefully one day the NFC East will be claimed by rising oceans”

A leading climatologist said today that while rising ocean levels remain a threat to hundreds of millions around the globe in the coming decades, the flooding of the U.S. East Coast ... Continue Reading →