Nationals Capping Stephen Strasburg’s Pitches at 70 MPH to Save His Arm

The Washington Nationals are modifying their plan to shut Stephen Strasburg down this season after 160 innings — a plan that would leave the team without its ace pitcher as soon ... Continue Reading →

Santa Taking Notice of Bryce Harper’s Thrilling Start

After hitting his first big league homer in Monday night's game against the Padres, it wasn't just the fans and the media taking note of 19-year-old phenom Bryce Harper. ... Continue Reading →

Which MLB team that is off to a surprisingly hot start has the most staying power?

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Cole Hamels Apologizes for Not Hitting Bryce Harper in His Stupid Face

Philadelphia Phillies starter Cole Hamels has admitted that he hit Nationals rookie Bryce Harper on purpose in the first inning Sunday night, and today apologized for the act. "I ... Continue Reading →

Nationals Fever Has Not Claimed Everyone

He’s looking for Robert Griffin III news. Continue Reading →

Bryce Harper’s First Major League Hit Featured a Fan’s Butt

Many people do say that Bryce Harper is an ass, so this is somewhat fitting. Continue Reading →

The World’s Dumbest Fan is a Washington Nationals Fan

Hey, glasses can dry out, too, you know. Continue Reading →

Nationals Rookies Hazed as Smurfs

Worst of all, they had to watch the Smurfs movie. Continue Reading →

Stephen Strasburg KKK Jersey

Baseball is very American, so it’s probably quite popular among the white supremacists. Continue Reading →

Stephen Strasburg Taking a Picture of a Monkey Riding a Dog

Minor league baseball: the greatest baseball. Continue Reading →

Harrisburg Senators’ Perfect Promotional Email for Stephen Strasburg

Maybe people would go to Nationals games if they got some cowboy monkeys. Continue Reading →

Ralley Monkey Tries to Assassinate Teddy Roosevelt

Don't tread on the mascot. Continue Reading →

Blushing Bride Runs on the Field in Atlanta

You may now Tase the bride. Continue Reading →