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VIDEO: Alex Ovechkin: Good at Scoring Goals, Bad at Celebrating Goals

For a guy who can’t skate, Alexander Ovechkin is very good at hockey! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Barry Trotz Looks Amazing as Capitals Coach

This is the job Barry Trotz was born to have. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tim Thomas Embarrasses Himself and Makes Amazing Save 1 Second Apart

Ha! What an idio … whoa, he’s awesome! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Virginia Resident Gets “NO CUPS” Washington Capitals Vanity Plate

He would be wise to place that on a car that he’d be okay with getting a few keying scratches. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Capitals Fan Has Alex Ovechkin Beard

It’s like his girlfriend didn’t even attempt to grow a beard. Pathetic. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Capitals Defenseman Mike Green Makes Very Aggressive Line Changes

It’s always smart to try to keep razor blades away from your teammates’ necks.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: NHL Ref Rules That “You can’t do that”

“You can’t do that” is a nice catch-all for every penalty in every sport. Continue Reading →
NHL: MAR 08 Penguins at Capitals

Sidney Crosby Rekindles Ovechkin Rivalry with Disappointing Playoff Exit

While most in hockey thought the Sidney Crosby-Alexander Ovechkin rivalry hit its peak in 2009, the battle between hockey's two most recognizable stars may be back on after Crosby ... Continue Reading →

Alexander Ovechkin Face

It’s treasured as much as Game 7s come Stanley Cup playoffs season. Continue Reading →

Caps’ Tom Wilson Struggles to Skate, What with Not Having a Skate Blade

Now there's a sharp piece of steel loose on the ice. Great for shiving someone during a check! Continue Reading →

Alexander Ovechkin’s Controller Was Disconnected on Xbox

That, or he just continues to not give a crap about defense/half the sport of hockey. Continue Reading →

Steve Oleksy: Nose-Picking Hockey Player

Maybe he found what’s left of Alexander Ovechkin’s career in there. Continue Reading →

Struggling Capitals Vow to Turn Season Around in Time to Make Usual Disappointing Playoff Exit

Despite having the worst record in hockey at 2-8-1 with only 37 games left to play in the shortened seasons, a defiant Washington Capitals squad vowed today that they will make their ... Continue Reading →

Rangers and Capitals = 9/11 First Responders

Good job making Don Cherry seems like the reasonable person on the broadcast. Continue Reading →

Tim Thomas Releases Statement on Playoff Elimination Goal

What a patriot. Continue Reading →

Nationals Pitcher Struggles with Not Falling Down Whilst Pitching

Hey, he only throws a few thousands pitches per year. It takes practice. Continue Reading →

Capitals Fans > Tim Thomas

Unfortunately for them, Thomas > Capitals. Continue Reading →

NHL Releases the Final Batch of "Because It’s The Cup" Playoff Ads

Continue Reading →