VIDEO: Greg Oden Now Spiking Volleyballs on the Faces of Girls

Kevin Durant doesn’t dominated girls volleyball like this. Greg Oden > Kevin Durant. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: College Volleyball Player Takes a Spike to the Face

He needs to get his bumps up a little higher. Continue Reading →

Volleyball Spike Successfully Hits Three People in the Face

It’s just like the “friendly” volleyball game at your family reunion! Continue Reading →

Girl Takes Volleyball Spike Off the Face

That is one of the worst places to take a volleyball spike. Continue Reading →

Brazil Volleyball Player Wins Soccer Gold

You can't get Brazilian citizenship without being great at soccer. Continue Reading →

Gillette Understands the Power of Assvertising

Perhaps they use Gillette razors to shave their butts. Continue Reading →

Petey the Dog is a Volleyball Sensation

It's cute until he dies prematurely of head trauma. Continue Reading →

Kung-Fu Soccer

They're amazing athletes. Too bad they don't play a real sport. Continue Reading →

Great Women’s Volleyball Sportsmanship

The best teammates kiss. Continue Reading →

Volleyball is a Great Sport

I’d rate it a perfect 10 on the scale of … best … sports. Continue Reading →

Volleyball Meets Face

"Way to use your head out there, Bobby." Continue Reading →

Next time wear a real uniform, broken nose boy

Game, set, snap. (VIDEO) Continue Reading →

Kirk Roundtree (Akron, OH > Volleyball)

Kirk, 18, a 6-foot-7 senior hitter for the Southlake High School volleyball team, was named Mr. Volleyball in Ohio for a record third time after leading Southlake to its fourth state ... Continue Reading →

Maggie Woodley (Beaverton, Ore. > Volleyball)

MAGGIE WOODLEY BEAVERTON, ORE. > Volleyball Maggie, 17, a senior at Westlake High, was named District 7 Player of the Week after recording 37 kills in back-to-back games victories ... Continue Reading →

Misty May and Kerri Walsh Costume

Women’s Volleyball just got a lot more exciting. Continue Reading →

Sexual Women’s Vollyball Screenshot

Beach volleyball players are truly special ladies. Continue Reading →

Hilarious Last Name On Jersey

The weird thing is that this isn’t even her name; she just thought it would be cool to have some English words on her jersey. Continue Reading →