Finally. A reason to watch the Winter Olympics.

For years we have wondered if bobsledders wear boxers or briefs. Now we know. It's thong. From the bobsledding World Championships in Switzerland: Dialogue as they headed down ... Continue Reading →

Packers Defense: Shockingly asleep at the wheel

If you watched Green Bay play the Cardinals on Sunday and found yourself wondering how the NFL's No. 2 ranked defense could get torched like that, wonder no more! Defensive coordinator ... Continue Reading →

Andy Roddick makes koalas want to do it.

The sight of Andy Roddick apparently makes koalas want to knock … feet? Hooves? Whatever. He makes them want to have sex. Although chances are what really happened is they saw ... Continue Reading →

Randy Johnson: A Career Retrospective

It doesn't always have to be jokes around here. Now that Randy Johnson is retired, it's time to pay tribute to a baseball legend. (Note: He also probably did some other stuff.) Continue Reading →

Steve Nash would like you to vote for him for the NBA All-Star Game.

This is a great campaign approach. And it just might work. Although if it does, the entire Eastern Conference squad might end up being New Jersey Nets. If you're interested, you ... Continue Reading →

Want to keep weight off this holiday season? You’re in luck! Watch this.

Fair warning. You might want to have some sort of receptacle on-hand to hold the contents of your stomach. From Tuesday night's Texas A&M-Washington game. Washington won. Derrick ... Continue Reading →

You get a pizza! You get a pizza! Everybody gets a pizza!

Papa John said everyone in attendance at the Louisville-Oral Roberts game last week would get a free pizza if he hit a shot from half court. Chances are Papa John didn't have ... Continue Reading →

This is why the Jaguars really need Tim Tebow.

Tebow could fly up Jesus-style and get Jaxson De Ville down. I can imagine there was a lot of pressure starting to build up in that giant cat's head from hanging upside-down for ... Continue Reading →

Uh-oh. The Tiger Woods sex tape is out.

Good to see he keeps his red shirt on. Proves he takes adultery seriously. I can respect that. Continue Reading →

Chinese media on the Tiger Woods story is AWESOME

This is the break in the case I was waiting for: Seriously, if media reports like this are what we'd get under Chinese rule … I will happily accept. Continue Reading →

ADD: Kenny Britt, WR, Titans

ADD: Kenny Britt, WR, Titans — Not long ago, having a Tennessee Titans wide receiver on your fantasy football team was akin to setting a starting lineup full of players on their ... Continue Reading →

NFL Week 12: Winners and Losers

WINNERS 1. Vince Young — Vince Young owns Matt Leinart. The 2006 BCS title game and again on Sunday … both games won on a dramatic game-ending drive while Leinart can do nothing ... Continue Reading →

Lane Kiffin has already offered this kid a scholarship.

Watch #36. His age? Six. This is an OUTRAGE! Who is coaching this kid? Who taught him to tackle that hard … but not to get up and flex or do a dance? Ridiculous. This coach must ... Continue Reading →

NFL Week 11: Winners and Losers

WINNERS 1. Kevin Boss, TE, Giants — Eli Manning still has yet to find a replacement for Plaxico Burress in the Giants office. So you stepped forward on Sunday with five catches ... Continue Reading →

Tim Lincecum’s new MLB 2K commercial

Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Lambert would have just punched this goalie in the face.

And, yes, it dawned on me this weekend that the infamous New Mexico enforcer must be related to Jack Lambert in some way. Perhaps she was grown from one of his loose teeth. Continue Reading →

How Peter King imagines Brett Favre’s Wrangler commercial

Why shouldn't this be the ad? Most people who buy Wrangler jeans eventually make them into jorts anyway. Continue Reading →

The Dock Ellis LSD No-Hitter … now even more awesome

From the good folks at No Mas, using audio from an actual interview with Dock Ellis. Baseball-on-acid > Baseball-on-steroids Continue Reading →