MMA fighter seen choking his baby (not a euphemism)

Oh, man. I bet this weak, stupid baby crapped its pants. Continue Reading →

This is why TV reporters shouldn’t be overweight …

… because when they crush little kids, it doesn't hurt quite as much. Continue Reading →

Nothing goes together like glam rock and Utah Jazz basketball

Call me crazy, but Utah Jazz draft pick Gordon Hayward might end up being the coolest Utah Jazz player since Jeff Hornacek! Continue Reading →

If only the Milwaukee Racing Sausages were this romantic

It's every girl's dream: being proposed to by a sweaty man dressed as a piece of broccoli. Reading, Pennsylvania, romance capital of the world. Continue Reading →

This cheerleader really knows how to shake it. And is a dude.

This cheerleader could definitely inspire a defense to be more fierce. Continue Reading →

Spanish is a romance language. And also a psycho language.

These are Spanish announcers calling Spain's goal versus Paraguay in the World Cup quarterfinals. Your nightmare fuel assignment for today: imagining these gentlemen having sex. Continue Reading →

It’s the blind interviewing the blind

Oh, SporTV. This would never happen in America. We don't let blind people on TV unless they can sing. Continue Reading →

These Lego World Cup matches were much funnier when it was England losing

Terrible positioning on the first goal by Lego Tim Howard. Continue Reading →

This is the future of the U.S. men’s gymnastics team

Okay, maybe not. I don't think this guy is part of the U.S. gymnastics program. But if this happened more often when gymnasts attempted backflips, ratings would go through the ... Continue Reading →

Wally Backman’s infamous tirade in its entirety.

- – – – - Part 2 This tirade from former major league infielder and minor league manager Wally Backman is three years old. However, not 'til now did two clips ... Continue Reading →

Someone get this weightlifter’s stomach some steroids

You know, this never happens to televangelist Pat Robertson when he leg-presses 2,000 pounds. (VIDEO) Continue Reading →

Why should a liner to the head kill all the fun?

You know, I am actually kind of surprised that A-Rod didn't behave this way after he lined that ball off of David Huff's head. Well done, Alex! You'll be classy yet. Continue Reading →

Das auto haben ein ass mark!

I don't even think this driver collects any extra points for having a person on his hood. What a shame. However, the event staff guy who grabs the girl's butt probably loses ... Continue Reading →