VIDEO: Kobe Bryant on ESPN Ranking Him NBA’s 40th Best Player: “Bunch of idiots”

I guess Kobe think he’s ranked too high. Continue Reading →

Presbyterians are very tricky!

Or is that Lutherans? I forget. Either way, I think we can all agree that Episcopalians are great at pass protection. Continue Reading →

In his country, goal scores YOU!

This actually would be a career highlight for English keeper Robert Green. At least this guy didn't drop the ball. Continue Reading →

Great goal celebration. But I notice he didn’t wash his hands.

Those crazy frozen cats from Iceland's Stjarnan FC are back with another creative goal celebration. You know, Bjork may be the least creative person in the entire country. Continue Reading →

The hardest major at KU is probably Fight Song Clapping

The host seems nice. But he will destroy you if you mess up the clap. Continue Reading →

He’s at the 15, he’s at the 10, he’s the biggest moron ever!

To this kid's credit, he refused to be tackled. Even though that would have been the way to go. Continue Reading →

The greatest basketball player of all-time begat the worst rapper of all-time

This is Michael Jordan's son, Marcus Jordan. Marcus Jordan averaged 8.0 points per game last season for lowly Central Florida, yet he is approximately 8.0 billion times better ... Continue Reading →

The bullfighting version of Ron Artest going into the crowd

It's like this every day in Spain. Continue Reading →

I have never been so inspired by the NFL Films soundtrack

The autumn wind is an Indian, doing pole gymnastics just for fun. Continue Reading →

Roger Federer has a personality!!! (And can do cool trick shots.)

I suppose the shot could be fake. But him having a personality seems amazingly legit. Wow! Continue Reading →

So maybe Dwyane Wade is actually the least likable member of the Heat

Here he is blocking little kids' shots. Lebron would never do that. Continue Reading →

Good luck getting this song out of your head

Featuring Lebron James, Brett Favre, Manny Ramirez and all your other … favorites? Continue Reading →

If Rick Ankiel was still a pitcher, he would be this guy

This is from the Atlantic League. You may be shocked to learn that is an unaffiliated baseball league. You'd think some major league franchise would want to stake a claim to this ... Continue Reading →

This minor leaguer can do a lot of great tricks with a bat

Except apparently hit a baseball with a bat. If he could do that trick well, he probably wouldn't be playing for the Long Beach Armada. Continue Reading →

MMA fighter seen choking his baby (not a euphemism)

Oh, man. I bet this weak, stupid baby crapped its pants. Continue Reading →

This is why TV reporters shouldn’t be overweight …

… because when they crush little kids, it doesn't hurt quite as much. Continue Reading →

Nothing goes together like glam rock and Utah Jazz basketball

Call me crazy, but Utah Jazz draft pick Gordon Hayward might end up being the coolest Utah Jazz player since Jeff Hornacek! Continue Reading →

If only the Milwaukee Racing Sausages were this romantic

It's every girl's dream: being proposed to by a sweaty man dressed as a piece of broccoli. Reading, Pennsylvania, romance capital of the world. Continue Reading →