The new NBA Jam is going to be awesome

And largely due to the fact that it will include Detlef Schrempf. Continue Reading →

All 5.5 Million Madden Consumers Dead in Worst Madden Jinx Ever

In what many are calling the worst “Madden Jinx” yet, all 5.5 million people who purchased this year’s edition of the game have reportedly died. The supposed jinx ... Continue Reading →

Taking a look at the Madden franchise through the years

Madden 11 is upon us. Let's take a look back through 22 years of the franchise to see how we got to where we are today. Continue Reading →

Definite Proof Punch-Out!!!’s Doc Louis Tried to Kill Little Mac

Boxing has been plagued by scandal throughout its history. But this may be the biggest boxing scandal of all-time. Little Mac's trainer, Doc Louis, tried to have him killed. Here's ... Continue Reading →

GameStop messed with the back of the NCAA 11 Tebow game, too

A GameStop in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, switched out the cover of the new EA Sports' NCAA Football 11 with one featuring Tim Tebow crying. Turns out they changed the back cover, too. Continue Reading →

6 Iconic Sports Video Game Characters … Where Are They Now?

They were the sports video games stars of yesteryear. Everyone welcomed them into their homes. But their careers are over. Where are they now? SportsPickle takes a look … Fat Guy ... Continue Reading →

Famed Boxer Soda Popinski, 57, Dies of Liver Failure

Soda Popinski, 57, the Russian heavyweight who boxed his way to fame on the Punch-Out!! circuit in the late 1980s and early '90s, passed away this weekend due to complications ... Continue Reading →

Man Lays Into Himself After Lackadaisical First Half of Madden Football

Two quarters of poor execution, poor play-calling and a lack of intensity was enough. “I couldn’t take it anymore,” said Keith Morris. “The Raiders shouldn’t ... Continue Reading →

SportsPickle’s first bowling post … WITH VIDEO!!!

This is video of Polk County, Florida law enforcement officials storming a home in their fair country. I don't have much of an opinion either way on selling hard drugs to our youth. ... Continue Reading →

Larry Fitzgerald Severs Finger in Preemptive Strike Against Madden Curse

His fellow cover subject on Madden NFL 10, Troy Polamalu, didn't make it through the first half of his first regular season game of the year before suffering a serious knee injury. ... Continue Reading →

“Little League 09: The Life- To Feature Chores, Cooties, Other Video Games

Thanks to the success of last year’s Little League Baseball World Series 2008 for the Nintendo Wii, Activision is set to release its updated version of the game for the Wii, ... Continue Reading →