VIDEO: Madden 15 Has a Tiny Player on the Titans

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PICTURE: “Madden 15″ Realism Features Eli Manning Face

Gaming has never been more real. Or pathetic. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: All the Best Madden 15 Glitches

A virtual player is going to get hurt. Virtual Goodell needs to do something. Continue Reading →

HONEST Madden 15 Player Ratings

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Newest Madden So Realistic, Users Can’t Control Players

In what game reviewers are calling a bold and innovative move, the newest version of the popular Madden football game, Madden 15, will be so realistic, users will no longer have the ... Continue Reading →

9 Features That Should be in “MLB The Show: 14″

1. Derek Jeter Farewell Gift Design Studio Go shopping for a gift to give Derek Jeter on his farewell tour or design a unique one that represents your city and team! Lose points if ... Continue Reading →

Honest Pre-Fight Comments By Little Mac’s Trainer and Mike Tyson

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PICTURE: NBA 2K14 is So Realistic That LeBron’s Headband is Sliding Back

Likes rings on a tree, LeBron’s career is measured year-to-year by the receding lines of his hair. Continue Reading →

If Madden 25 Player Ratings Were More Detailed

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NCAA Resolves Anti-Trust Lawsuit by Giving Each Plaintiff a Free Copy of “NCAA Football 14″

The NCAA today managed to sidestep a threat to its power and profit structure by amicably resolving O’Bannon v. NCAA, a federal antitrust lawsuit that could have cost the organization ... Continue Reading →

NCAA 14 Thinks Johnny Manziel’s Late Nights Will Rapidly Age Him

“But that’s not really supposed to be Manziel.” AHHHHHHHHahahahaha. Good one, NCAA. Continue Reading →

Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman on “NBA Jam”

Kim Jong-il would have scored 500 points. Continue Reading →

Madden 13′s Super Bowl Player Ratings Update

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