Madden 15 Player Rankings UPDATES

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VIDEO: Crosby, Ovechkin, Oshie and Other NHL Players Try to Guess Their “NHL 15” Rating

Ovechkin clearly thinks they’re using ratings from five years ago. Continue Reading →

Roger Goodell Apologizes for All the Glitches in This Year’s NFL

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell apologized today for the many glitches being uncovered in the latest edition of the NFL. From repeated stoppages in play due to penalties to player and ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Madden 15 Has a Tiny Player on the Titans

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PICTURE: “Madden 15” Realism Features Eli Manning Face

Gaming has never been more real. Or pathetic. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: All the Best Madden 15 Glitches

A virtual player is going to get hurt. Virtual Goodell needs to do something. Continue Reading →

HONEST Madden 15 Player Ratings

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Newest Madden So Realistic, Users Can’t Control Players

In what game reviewers are calling a bold and innovative move, the newest version of the popular Madden football game, Madden 15, will be so realistic, users will no longer have the ... Continue Reading →

9 Features That Should be in “MLB The Show: 14”

1. Derek Jeter Farewell Gift Design Studio Go shopping for a gift to give Derek Jeter on his farewell tour or design a unique one that represents your city and team! Lose points if ... Continue Reading →

Honest Pre-Fight Comments By Little Mac’s Trainer and Mike Tyson

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PICTURE: NBA 2K14 is So Realistic That LeBron’s Headband is Sliding Back

Likes rings on a tree, LeBron’s career is measured year-to-year by the receding lines of his hair. Continue Reading →

If Madden 25 Player Ratings Were More Detailed

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NCAA Resolves Anti-Trust Lawsuit by Giving Each Plaintiff a Free Copy of “NCAA Football 14”

The NCAA today managed to sidestep a threat to its power and profit structure by amicably resolving O’Bannon v. NCAA, a federal antitrust lawsuit that could have cost the organization ... Continue Reading →

NCAA 14 Thinks Johnny Manziel’s Late Nights Will Rapidly Age Him

“But that’s not really supposed to be Manziel.” AHHHHHHHHahahahaha. Good one, NCAA. Continue Reading →

Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman on “NBA Jam”

Kim Jong-il would have scored 500 points. Continue Reading →

Madden 13’s Super Bowl Player Ratings Update

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Rex Ryan, Buddy Ryan, Rob Ryan

Brothers Rex and Rob Ryan to Go Head-to-Head in Tecmo Bowl

As football fans prepare for the "HarBowl" or "Superbaugh" — depending on which nickname you prefer for the Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh Super Bowl — ... Continue Reading →

If NBA 2K13 Player Ratings Were More Detailed

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