PICTURE: Vanderbilt’s Caleb Azubike Has Terrifying Hulk Eyes

Remember, when Hulk isn’t in Hulk mode, he works as a scientist. That’s why he went to Vanderbilt. Continue Reading →

Vanderbilt’s QB Oversleeps as Part of Extra Credit Study on Human Sleep Patterns

Vanderbilt sophomore quarterback Jason Ryder apologized today for oversleeping on Thursday morning. “I am sorry if my oversleeping caused me to miss any of my obligations,” ... Continue Reading →

Vanderbilt Executes Triple Steal

Only Vanderbilt players were smart enough to take stealing to its logical extreme. Continue Reading →

Vanderbilt Player Misses Easy Dunk

Well, it would have been an easy dunk for me, at least. Continue Reading →

Vanderbilt Mascot Makes The Home Fans Bleed

In the mascot's defense, Vanderbilt students are probably more frail than most. Continue Reading →