6 Charts Explaining the Stanley Cup Finals

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A Very Cursey Bruins Fan Opines on Vancouver on the Train

Looks like we've found the lead for the next facking Affleck film. Continue Reading →

Classy Lady Canucks Fan

Body paint is no way to weather a Canadian winter. Continue Reading →

Canucks Fan Is Not Gay But …

… he’s very gay. Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget to Watch Tampa Bay vs. Vancouver on NBC and Versus

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Rejected Stanley Cup Finals Promotional Slogans

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Canucks Fan Flashes a Sharks Player in the Penalty Box

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Vancouver Green Man Makes Nicole Kidman’s Face Move

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Creepy Sedin Twins Wear Matching Outfits Again at Hockey Game

Daniel and Henrik Sedin are the top scorers and team leaders on the Vancouver Canucks. Yet those inside and outside the organization say they are getting increasingly creeped out by ... Continue Reading →

Canuck Not Polite to Patrick Kane

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It’s Called a Head-in-Ass Check

This kind of check is not penalized, it’s just not very sanitary. (via @chris_alpers_15) Continue Reading →

Vince Vaughn Taunts Roberto Luongo

Luongo will taunt Vaughn if he is unlucky enough to see any of his recent movies. Continue Reading →

Canucks Fans Go Cee-Lo

The song will revert to its origional F-you lyrics if they lose again. (via HoodWinked) Continue Reading →