It’s Called a Head-in-Ass Check

This kind of check is not penalized, it’s just not very sanitary. (via @chris_alpers_15) Continue Reading →

Vince Vaughn Taunts Roberto Luongo

Luongo will taunt Vaughn if he is unlucky enough to see any of his recent movies. Continue Reading →

Canucks Fans Go Cee-Lo

The song will revert to its origional F-you lyrics if they lose again. (via HoodWinked) Continue Reading →
Hockey Loving Homos

The First Hockey Fan To Come Out

He came way out. Continue Reading →

This Would Be An Unsuccessful Check

The NHL needs to cut down on hilariously ineffective checks. Continue Reading →

Ryan Kesler Leads The NHL In Interview Bombs

The Canucks are also good at playoffs bombs. Continue Reading →

Hockey Player Attacks Fan

Finally the NHL finds a player who can really connect with fans. Continue Reading →