PICTURE: Everyone But Seahawks Fans Thinks Pete Carroll is a Lying Scumbag

The 12th Man is the Most Gullible Man. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: USC Freshman Nikola Jovanovic is 114 Years-Old

A 114 year-old freshman. He must have flunked a few grades. Continue Reading →

Application for the USC Trojans Head Football Coach Job

– – – – – Also see … NCAA lifts sanctions on USC of having to be coached by Lane Kiffin   Continue Reading →

NCAA Lifts Sanctions on USC of Having to be Coached by Lane Kiffin

The NCAA lifted its crushing sanctions on the USC football program today, allowing the Trojans to finally move on with someone at least semi-competent as their head coach. “I ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: USC Accapella Rap Song “Trojans For Life”

This is the Lane Kiffin of music. Continue Reading →

Worst Streaker Ever

He is the Lane Kiffin of streakers. Continue Reading →

Lane Kiffin in a Sombrero

He’s getting ready for his next job at the University of Mexico City. Continue Reading →

Lane Kiffin’s Face Suggests He is a Liar

Also, all other things Lane Kiffin does suggest he is a liar. Continue Reading →

UCLA Dorms Do Not Like USC

External Dorm Art is the toughest major at UCLA. Continue Reading →

Lane Kiffin Gives 28-Second Press Conference

He has to keep moving because so many people want to kill him. Continue Reading →

Who is your pick to win the BCS championship?

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What College Football Coaches Voted No. 1

Lane Kiffin, USC: not USC Dana Holgorsen, West Virginia: Jaeger Steve Spurrier, South Carolina: Augusta National Nick Saban, Alabama: Disgust Brian Kelly, Notre Dame: Relevance Gary ... Continue Reading →

Former Penn State RB Silas Redd Featured on the Most Ill-Timed Magazine Cover Ever

Pride. Promises. USC. Continue Reading →

Ideas for More Nerlens Noel-Inspired Recruit Hair Announcements

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UCLA’s Website Reports a Close Game

Blowouts are triple-digit losses. Everyone knows that. Continue Reading →

Suggested "College GameDay" Signs of the Week: USC vs. Stanford

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NCAA Orders USC Players to Forget All the Fun and Sex They Had In College

The Bowl Championship Series stripped USC of its 2004 national title this week. And now the NCAA has followed that punishment by requiring all of the players on the championship USC ... Continue Reading →
Dalai Lama

Big Hitter, The Lama; Also a Big USC Fan

They will be sanctioned by the NCAA in another state of being. Continue Reading →