Ronda Rousey Inspiring Young Girls to Beat the Shit Out of People

UFC star Ronda Rousey is 11-0-0 in her dominant career, capped by a 14-second defeat of Cat Zigano at UFC 184. But it’s her impact outside of the octagon that is drawing the most ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: UFC Produces Ronda Rousey “In Her Ass” Card

Ronda Rousey’s ass can get a new generation interested in card collecting. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: UFC Fighter Has Ad for Lube on the Back of His Shorts

Ultra Lube: The official lube of entering a UFC fighter. Continue Reading →

The 6 SEXIEST Moves in Women’s MMA

The Kick to the Face Damn. Check out that long, shapely leg. So hot. And is that sexy red nail polish on her feet or your own blood? Hard to tell. Either way: hot. You know she'll ... Continue Reading →

Drunk and Loves Whitesnake: It’s Every UFC Fan

Where is his Tapout shirt? Not a true fan! Continue Reading →

Which was the greatest UFC event of all-time?

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UFC Open on FOX with Awkward Reciting of Names

Someone is going to get punched over this. Continue Reading →

Mixed Martial Arts and Crafter Knits Battle-Axe

Dexter Payne is known as one of the world's premier mixed martial arts and crafters. And his latest creation, a wool-knit battle-axe, should only further solidify that reputation. "I'm ... Continue Reading →

Dana White Charged With Running a Human-Fighting Ring

A Las Vegas man was charged today by federal authorities with running a multi-million dollar human-fighting ring that stretched across multiple states and even into other countries. Dana ... Continue Reading →