VIDEO: Troy Polamalu Committed the Greatest Offsides Penalty of All-Time

It looked much cooler than the average Steelers’ holding penalty.  Continue Reading →

Polamalu-Clad Paul Rudd Sings “Black and Yellow” to Ray Lewis

People who taunt Ray Lewis rarely live to tell about it. Continue Reading →

Troy Polamalu Wax Likeness Prank

The Steelers should get some wax offensive linemen. Continue Reading →

Terrifying Troy Polamalu Doll

The real Troy is kind and soft-spoken. This one will murder you as you sleep. Continue Reading →

Troy Polamalu Gets His Head Shaved

Don't let Roethlisberger near clippers when he's drunk. Continue Reading →

Hines Ward Wears a Troy Polamalu Wig. Again.

He should just get hair plugs like Tom Brady and end the jealousy. Continue Reading →

The Keiselmalu

Pittsburgh is now leading the world in men’s grooming. Continue Reading →

Hines Ward Is Using Troy Polamalu’s Conditioner

It could also be a wig. Continue Reading →

Troy Polamalu flies to make a tackle.

http://www.wimp.com/flyingtackle/ Some of that hair might be feathers. Continue Reading →

Frustrated Ben Roethlisberger Openly Hitting On Troy Polamalu

"Hey, I like your pretty hair," Ben Roethlisberger was heard telling Troy Polamalu yesterday during practice. "Why don't you come over here and sit on my lap and ... Continue Reading →

Reporter insists he’s asking about Troy Polamalu’s knee, not his goddam hair

Reporter:Troy! Troy! Tell me about your knee. The Steelers defense is suffering without you. When can you get back on the field? Polamalu: Well, I owe my great hair to Head & Shoulders. ... Continue Reading →

Larry Fitzgerald Severs Finger in Preemptive Strike Against Madden Curse

His fellow cover subject on Madden NFL 10, Troy Polamalu, didn't make it through the first half of his first regular season game of the year before suffering a serious knee injury. ... Continue Reading →