Sobering Headline About Usain Bolt

He must love soccer a lot to risk death. Continue Reading →

Kenyan Runner Wins Olympic Dancing Competition

Everybody do the Kenyan. Continue Reading →

Amazing LEGO Recreation of Usain Bolt’s 100m Victory

It's hard to even tell it's not the actual footage. Continue Reading →

Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps Agree to a Match Race in a Marsh

The two dominant Olympic athletes of the 21st Century are set to decide once and for all which man is the fastest in the world. Swimmer Michael Phelps and sprinter Usain Bolt will ... Continue Reading →

90 Year-Old Pole Vaulter

He probably pulls all the 90 year-old tail. Continue Reading →

June’s Funniest Sports Videos

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Distance Runner is No Fan of Mascots

Distance runners are such badasses. Continue Reading →

Dan O’Brien Falls Off a Chair at U.S. Olympic Trials

He's never been good at the Olympic Trials. Continue Reading →

Note to Little Girls: Don’t Step in Front of a Running Usain Bolt

Little girls should be the new hurdles. Continue Reading →

Pro Tip: Don’t Run Into a Steeplechase Barrier

Come on, Katie. Stop failing so much. Continue Reading →

The 10 Best Bespectacled Athletes of All-Time

Oakland A's infielder Eric Sogard has brought eyeglasses back to baseball. It's time to rank the greatest glassletes of all-time. #10 – Al Arbour Al Arbour played ... Continue Reading →

Track and Field Highlight of the Year

If The Worm ever becomes an Olympic event, he's a lock for gold. Continue Reading →

Pole Vault Frisbee Catch

The fact that this is not an Olympic sport is proof the IOC hates America. Continue Reading →

Hurdles Failure is the Best Failure

Oh, sure. Blame the people who put all the hurdles in the wrong places. Likely. Continue Reading →

Canada Will Not Win Gold in Hammer Throw at the London Olympics

Of course, Canada doesn’t win gold in anything at any Summer Olympics. Continue Reading →

The Greatest Sports Fails of 2011

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The 25 Scrappiest Athletes of All-Time

SportsPickle readers voted to elect the scrappiest athlete of all-time. After more than 60,000 votes from dozens of contenders, here are the athletes you determined to be the most ... Continue Reading →

Remembering the Time a Drunk Woman Won Hurdling Gold at the Olympics

I guess a six-pack of Fosters doesn't show up on Olympic drug tests. Continue Reading →