Report: Maple Leafs open to trading Auston Matthews to save him

In an act of love, the front office of the Toronto Maple Leafs reportedly is looking into trading rookie Auston Matthews so he can have a good career and good life away from the Maple ... Continue Reading →

Toronto Maple Leaf Daughters’ Letter Asking for Their Dads to Get Traded

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PICTURE: TSN’s “TradeCentre” Airs Tweet About Joffrey Lupul Banging Dion Phaneuf’s Wife

Maybe they’ll swap wives at the deadline? Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Maple Leafs Hockey is Like Watching Paint Dry

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PICTURE: Toronto Maple Leafs War Room is Not Very Active

Maybe they thought the deadline was a different day. Just a scheduling error. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Toronto Crackhead Mayor Rob Ford Wears NFL Tie While Admitting Crack Use

That tie is so old it has a Houston Oilers logo. You’d think an obese crackhead would care more about his appearance.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Toronto’s Jonathan Bernier Gives Up a Goal from 174-Feet

Still not a bad as losing a 4-1 lead in the 3rd period of a playoff elimination game. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Leafs Goalie Drew MacIntyre Has Helmet a Little Girl Would Love

A Care Bear. Roo. My Little Pony. All it’s missing is Justin Bieber. Continue Reading →

Blue Jays Fans are Very Mean to Boston Bruins Fan

Just imagine how much they'd boo someone in a Maple Leafs jersey. Continue Reading →

Crackhead Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Does Sports on Crack

Before the baseball season started, Ford said the Blue Jays would be “good.” As of his crack video, they are 17-24 and in last place. Continue Reading →

Toronto Sun’s Cover is Mean to the Maple Leafs

It’s amazing they still have ideas for headlines about Toronto sports disappointment. Continue Reading →

Maple Leafs Radio Guy Has Epic Call on Series-Losing Goal

Sports announcers need to use "sucks" more. Continue Reading →

The Saddest Maple Leafs Fan Bro of All

Really, bro indeed. Continue Reading →

Milan Lucic Consoles Dion Phaneuf’s Crotch

Hey, that's Elisha Cuthbert's job, jerk. Continue Reading →

Canada Announces It is Quitting Hockey

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Maple Leafs Fan Ready for Boston Bombing Jokes

It’s funny because his team lost 5-2 in their first home playoff game in nine years. Continue Reading →

Staal Brothers > Toronto Maple Leafs

Most brothers can beat the Toronto Maple Leafs. Continue Reading →

Maple Leafs are Bad at Defense

Hey, Jordan Staal is kind of open. Little help. Continue Reading →