Toronto Maple Leaf Daughters’ Letter Asking for Their Dads to Get Traded

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PICTURE: TSN’s “TradeCentre” Airs Tweet About Joffrey Lupul Banging Dion Phaneuf’s Wife

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PICTURE: Maple Leafs Hockey is Like Watching Paint Dry

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PICTURE: Toronto Maple Leafs War Room is Not Very Active

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PICTURE: Toronto Crackhead Mayor Rob Ford Wears NFL Tie While Admitting Crack Use

That tie is so old it has a Houston Oilers logo. You’d think an obese crackhead would care more about his appearance.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Toronto’s Jonathan Bernier Gives Up a Goal from 174-Feet

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PICTURE: Leafs Goalie Drew MacIntyre Has Helmet a Little Girl Would Love

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Blue Jays Fans are Very Mean to Boston Bruins Fan

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Crackhead Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Does Sports on Crack

Before the baseball season started, Ford said the Blue Jays would be “good.” As of his crack video, they are 17-24 and in last place. Continue Reading →

Toronto Sun’s Cover is Mean to the Maple Leafs

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Maple Leafs Radio Guy Has Epic Call on Series-Losing Goal

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The Saddest Maple Leafs Fan Bro of All

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Milan Lucic Consoles Dion Phaneuf’s Crotch

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Canada Announces It is Quitting Hockey

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Maple Leafs Fan Ready for Boston Bombing Jokes

It’s funny because his team lost 5-2 in their first home playoff game in nine years. Continue Reading →

Staal Brothers > Toronto Maple Leafs

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Maple Leafs are Bad at Defense

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Luongo Unchained

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