J.P. Arencibia Nails a Tim Kurkjian Impression

Kurkjian can probably do a great impression of coming in 4th place every year. Continue Reading →

Rookie Hazing: The Best Part of Major League Baseball

In the ’90s, rookies were hazed by not being given steroids. Continue Reading →
Minnesota Twins v Toronto Blue Jays

Jose Bautista Shocked to Find Out He’s Not on Steroids

In the midst of an era in baseball in which any good hitter is suspected of being on steroids, Jose Bautista has been under intense scrutiny. When his PED drug tests came back negative ... Continue Reading →

5 Signs the Blue Jays Have Been Given

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Toronto Blue Jays are Clearly Stealing Signs

They got those signs at Kinko’s. Continue Reading →

1980s Night at the SkyDome

It’s just nice to see a Canadian sports team have a non-riot night. Continue Reading →

Proof Jose Bautista Has Access to Drugs

From becoming a great player to getting a medical degree, he’s had an amazing few years. Continue Reading →

Found: 1 Male Fan Who Finds Female Sideline Reporters Attractive

It's about time these women start getting some deserved attention. Continue Reading →

Tiny Jose Bautista

There are rumors he’s using tiny steroids. Continue Reading →

Jose Bautista Enjoys Being Popular

Two years ago, Bautista got 11 votes. All accidental. Continue Reading →

MLB Suspends Jose Bautista Just To Be Safe

Major League Baseball informed Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Jose Bautista today that he is being suspended for 50 games under the drug code provision that allows the commissioner ... Continue Reading →

Blue Jays Fan Loves BJs

Nine BJs? That seems greedy. (via Buzzfeed) Continue Reading →

This is Roger Clemens’ mugshot or maybe he took a job as a substitute teacher and this is his yearbook photo.

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Roger Clemens to Enter Prison in a Red Sox Cap

According to reports, Roger Clemens will enter federal prison as a member of the Boston Red Sox, picking the team he spent 13 years of his 24-year career over the Yankees, Astros and ... Continue Reading →

Greedy Player Leaves Minor League Team for More Money in the Majors

Any hope that minor league sports was the last bastion of loyalty and purity took a hit this week when Las Vegas 51s catcher J.P. Arencibia left the team for a bigger paycheck with ... Continue Reading →

All-Star Game to also include several Toronto Blue Jays

Despite a name that would suggest it would feature nothing but stars, Major League Baseball will reportedly include three Toronto Blue Jays players in this week's All-Star Game, ... Continue Reading →

Toronto Blue Jays: 2010 Preview

SportsPickle is previewing each MLB team in the lead up to Opening Day 2010. Today: TorontoBlue Jays (2009: 75-87, 4th in AL East) Continue Reading →

"Please, God, let this be the last pitch I ever throw in this uniform."

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