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PICTURE: Blue Jays Broadcast Knows the Key to Victory is Scoring More Runs Than Other Team

Canada is finally starting to grasp baseball.  Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Blue Jays-Astros Set MLB Single-Game Hits Record

They probably also set a single-game record for men left on base. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Billy Butler Grounds Out to Jose Bautista in Right Field

“Billy with a base hit to right … nevermind.” Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Toronto Crackhead Mayor Rob Ford Wears NFL Tie While Admitting Crack Use

That tie is so old it has a Houston Oilers logo. You’d think an obese crackhead would care more about his appearance.  Continue Reading →
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Blue Jays Give Retiring Mariano Rivera the Gift of Eternal Life Through Salvation

Just as every opponent has done this year in this, Mariano Rivera’s final season, the  Toronto Blue Jays presented the retiring Yankees closer with a special gift during pregame ... Continue Reading →

Jose Bautista and Munenori Kawasaki Have a Very Sensual Pregame Stretch

No wonder baseball players are such finely-tuned specimens. Continue Reading →

Blue Jays Fans are Very Mean to Boston Bruins Fan

Just imagine how much they'd boo someone in a Maple Leafs jersey. Continue Reading →

Blue Jays Fan Sucks at Celebrating

Your browser does not support iframes. Blue Jays fans don't get many chances to celebrate. Continue Reading →

Toronto’s Starting Rotation is a Murderer’s Row of Dick Jokes

Wait until they call up Schlong and Wunidesnaik from the minors. Continue Reading →

Blue Jays’ Munenori Kawasaki is the Greatest Toronto Sports Thing

Loved him in "Major League II." Continue Reading →

No One Likes Mark DeRosa

Your browser does not support iframes. This is how you're treated when you hit .218. Continue Reading →

Crackhead Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Does Sports on Crack

Before the baseball season started, Ford said the Blue Jays would be “good.” As of his crack video, they are 17-24 and in last place. Continue Reading →

Crazed Blue Jays Fan Wields Bat

Canada is a dangerous place full of psychopaths. Continue Reading →

Toronto Blue Jays Fan Bros (ToronBros?) Keep It Classy Next to Grandma

Many great comedians have come from Canada. Continue Reading →

Who has been the best acquisition of the baseball offseason so far?

Continue Reading →

New Mexico Hates Canada

Not surprising. They had a choice to go by New Canada or New Mexico and chose the latter. Continue Reading →

Homophobic Yunel Escobar Becomes … Religious Yunel Escobar

Going Old Testament on people works every time! Continue Reading →

Skanky Blue Jays Fans Love J.P. Arencibia

Her dugout is covered in spit and tobacco. Continue Reading →