Texas Rangers Urged to Not Choke Like Tony Romo

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Boston Celtics Have Officially Been Eliminated from the Playoffs

It’s amazing they even made the playoffs with Romo on their side. Continue Reading →

Tony Romo is Very Surprised

He must have just seen the fourth quarter. Continue Reading →

Tony Romo’s High School Yearbook

Antonio probably blew it all over his prom date. Continue Reading →

Xbox Romo Achievement

You then somehow blow getting this achievement. Continue Reading →

Is Tony Romo capable of winning it all?

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Virginia Resident Not a Big Fan of Tony Romo

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Tony Romo and Pee-Wee Herman

Pick which one you’d rather have starting a playoff game for you. Continue Reading →

Tony Romo Annoyed Lockout Resolution Will Ruin All His Sunday Tee Times

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has expressed displeasure that the NFL lockout may be coming to an end, meaning the 2011 football season will be played as scheduled. "I started ... Continue Reading →

Boom goes the phone line!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo attended Eastern Illinois University. If you have ever wondered if EIU has a broadcasting major, they do. And it's as prestigious as they're ... Continue Reading →

"Next year I’m coming for your job, loser."

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Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo patiently waits for play to resume while Carolina Panthers players huddle around an iPhone looking at pictures of Jessic

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Dear Jessica …

Dear Jessica, I am sorry. But our relationship is over. I enjoyed our time as a couple, but I don't think there is a future for us. Know that I will always think of you fondly. ... Continue Reading →