Cowboys New Offense, in Which Tony Romo Immediately Hands the Ball to Someone Else, Performing Well

The Dallas Cowboys are off to a surprising 3-1 start this season thanks to a new offense that is focused on quarterback Tony Romo having the ball in his hands as little as possible.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Houston TV Station Scrolls That Tony Romo is “Still the Gayest Player” on the “Cowgirls”

Cowgirls? That’s not their name. It’s the Cowb … ohhhh. I get it now. LOL. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Model Bar Poly Posts That She Met “Sports Legend” Tony Romo and #IDontKnowSports

It seems Bar Poly’s Instagram followers know sports and Tony Romo a little better than she does. Continue Reading →

A Complete Rundown of Every Team Tony Romo Has Caused to Lose by His Very Presence

Check back frequently for UPDATES! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Tony Romo is to Blame for the Collapse of the Indiana Pacers

Never go full Romo. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: The Worst Moment in Duke Basketball History, Starring Jason Garrett and Tony Romo

It’s a great day to be a UNC fan. Continue Reading →

Cowboys Restructure Tony Romo’s Contract to Make It a Little Less Horrible

The Dallas Cowboys have created significant cap space by restructuring Tony Romo’s hilariously massive $108 million contract, allowing the team to pay other players who are as ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Eagles Fan Has Very Philadelphia Cutler/Romo Sign

As though Jay Cutler cares about fans taunting him. He’s got an offseason to plan. Continue Reading →

8 Stats Proving Tony Romo is One of the Most CLUTCH Quarterbacks in the NFL

1. Tony Romo’s all-time record as a starting quarterback in the NFL is 62-45, a .579 winning percentage.  He wins more than he loses. Tony Romo = winner. Or don’t you ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tony Romo’s Most Clutch Play of His Career

That’s elite cheating. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: GOT ROMO Vanity License Plate

A Tony Romo license plate is more of a humiliation plate than a vanity plate. Continue Reading →

America is a Better GM Than Jerry Jones

You have to work pretty had to be dumber than America, Jerry Jones. Continue Reading →

Tony Romo: Indoor Soccer Player

Luckily interceptions aren’t a thing in soccer. Continue Reading →

Even Tony Romo’s Action Figure is Disappointing

Now you can have that dejectedly-standing-on-the-sidelines-in-defeat fun at home! Continue Reading →

The Most Cowboys Photo Ever

Hooray! We’re almost good! Continue Reading →

Amazing Photo of Tony Romo’s Spirit Leaving His Body

His soul was intercepted. Continue Reading →

Texas Rangers Urged to Not Choke Like Tony Romo

Everything is bigger in Texas. Including the collapsing. Continue Reading →

Boston Celtics Have Officially Been Eliminated from the Playoffs

It’s amazing they even made the playoffs with Romo on their side. Continue Reading →