Report: Cowboys Deciding if Getting Tony Romo Paralyzed is Better Than Playing Brandon Weeden

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is reportedly discussing with his assistant coaches whether making Tony Romo unable to use his arms and legs for the rest of his life is worth not ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Peyton Manning’s New Audible Call is “ROMO!” … and He Tells His Fans to “SHUT THE F – UP!”

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Cowboys New Offense, in Which Tony Romo Immediately Hands the Ball to Someone Else, Performing Well

The Dallas Cowboys are off to a surprising 3-1 start this season thanks to a new offense that is focused on quarterback Tony Romo having the ball in his hands as little as possible.  Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Houston TV Station Scrolls That Tony Romo is “Still the Gayest Player” on the “Cowgirls”

Cowgirls? That’s not their name. It’s the Cowb … ohhhh. I get it now. LOL. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Model Bar Poly Posts That She Met “Sports Legend” Tony Romo and #IDontKnowSports

It seems Bar Poly’s Instagram followers know sports and Tony Romo a little better than she does. Continue Reading →

A Complete Rundown of Every Team Tony Romo Has Caused to Lose by His Very Presence

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PICTURE: Tony Romo is to Blame for the Collapse of the Indiana Pacers

Never go full Romo. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: The Worst Moment in Duke Basketball History, Starring Jason Garrett and Tony Romo

It’s a great day to be a UNC fan. Continue Reading →

Cowboys Restructure Tony Romo’s Contract to Make It a Little Less Horrible

The Dallas Cowboys have created significant cap space by restructuring Tony Romo’s hilariously massive $108 million contract, allowing the team to pay other players who are as ... Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Eagles Fan Has Very Philadelphia Cutler/Romo Sign

As though Jay Cutler cares about fans taunting him. He’s got an offseason to plan. Continue Reading →

8 Stats Proving Tony Romo is One of the Most CLUTCH Quarterbacks in the NFL

1. Tony Romo’s all-time record as a starting quarterback in the NFL is 62-45, a .579 winning percentage.  He wins more than he loses. Tony Romo = winner. Or don’t you ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Tony Romo’s Most Clutch Play of His Career

That’s elite cheating. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: GOT ROMO Vanity License Plate

A Tony Romo license plate is more of a humiliation plate than a vanity plate. Continue Reading →

America is a Better GM Than Jerry Jones

You have to work pretty had to be dumber than America, Jerry Jones. Continue Reading →

Tony Romo: Indoor Soccer Player

Luckily interceptions aren’t a thing in soccer. Continue Reading →

Even Tony Romo’s Action Figure is Disappointing

Now you can have that dejectedly-standing-on-the-sidelines-in-defeat fun at home! Continue Reading →

The Most Cowboys Photo Ever

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Amazing Photo of Tony Romo’s Spirit Leaving His Body

His soul was intercepted. Continue Reading →