Tom Brady vs. Tim Tebow: The Definitive Comparison

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Tom Brady and Wes Welker Drunkenly Make Out at Patriots Holiday Party

The New England Patriots held their annual holiday party last night and the talk of the franchise this morning is the scene at the center of the dance floor late in the evening in ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Gets Crushed by Elvis Dumervil

Your grandparents' Elvis never did anything this entertaining. Continue Reading →

Little Kid Hates Tom Brady

The youngest generation may turn out to be the greatest generation. Continue Reading →

Terrell Suggs Likes the Patriots a Little Bit More than the Steelers

That’s disrespectful. His name is Tom "Dickskin" Brady. Continue Reading →

Important Tom Brady Fantasy News!

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Peyton Manning Will Never Film an Ad for Women’s Shoes as Good as Tom Brady’s

Where is Brady running to? Why, to a Barney's warehouse sale, dummy! Continue Reading →

White Vick, Black Brady

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Miami Heat Introduce LeBron James, Chris Bosh And Dwyane Wade

Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth Get Introduced to Patriots Fans

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Tom Brady as Tortured Artist

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Tom Brady: "Eek! Waterslides scary like men who sack me!"

Now Gisele has heard the same girlish shriek his linemen are used to. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Sees the Future of His Hair and It’s Gallagher

The last time the Patriots won a Super Bowl, Gallagher was a comedy sensation. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady With a Princess Instead of Looking Like a Princess

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Tom Brady: "I’ve just been messing with everyone. I’m not really becoming a lady."

Tom Brady is not only one of the greatest quarterbacks of his generation, it also seems he is one of the greatest pranksters of all-time. The New England Patriots star admitted today ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Also Sues Pantene With Botanicals After Bad Hair Day

NFL star quarterback Tom Brady filed his second lawsuit in as many weeks today, following up Brady v. NFL with Brady v. Pantene with Botanicals after he said the shampoo left his hair ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Clearly Wants To Be Mocked Now

I'm starting to think we're being duped. He's not just a good quarterback, he's a great avant garde comic. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Now Rocking a Ponytail

At least he got Oral-B to be the official sponsor of his continued emasculation. (via MJD) Continue Reading →

Greatest Sports Illustrated Cover Ever

If you put it to your ear, you can hear Brady scream. Continue Reading →