What Gisele Whispered to Tom Brady After Super Bowl XLVI

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Frame-by-Frame of Tom Brady’s Worst Super Bowl Play

He has decent pocket awareness and terrible self-awareness. Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: Screen Cap of Gisele Bundchen-Brady’s Email Sent Folder

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Tom Brady: Toughest Man to Ever Slide to the Ground

“I’ll slide your ankles out, motherf—er!” Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Will Always Love the Billy Cundiff Goat

He won’t let it be slaughtered, as the Patriots might play the Ravens again next year. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Ready to Play the 17th Or So Biggest Game of His Life

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says he is prepared to play in Sunday's AFC Championship Game, a game that by any measure is among the top 20 to 25 biggest games he ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady vs. Tim Tebow: The Definitive Comparison

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Tom Brady and Wes Welker Drunkenly Make Out at Patriots Holiday Party

The New England Patriots held their annual holiday party last night and the talk of the franchise this morning is the scene at the center of the dance floor late in the evening in ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Gets Crushed by Elvis Dumervil

Your grandparents' Elvis never did anything this entertaining. Continue Reading →

Little Kid Hates Tom Brady

The youngest generation may turn out to be the greatest generation. Continue Reading →

Terrell Suggs Likes the Patriots a Little Bit More than the Steelers

That’s disrespectful. His name is Tom "Dickskin" Brady. Continue Reading →

Important Tom Brady Fantasy News!

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Peyton Manning Will Never Film an Ad for Women’s Shoes as Good as Tom Brady’s

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