Peyton Manning Texts Tom Brady Pictures of Himself Throwing Short Passes to Wes Welker

Tom Brady's cellphone lit up early this morning with a series of text message notifications. By the time he removed his silk Prada sleep mask and checked his phone, he had 11 ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady: World’s Manliest Slider

He’ll UGG you up. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady is Now a Conehead

And he keeps his uglier kid on a leash. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Tries Again to Make UGGs Cool, Fails

That small white guy must be a new Patriots receiver. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Uses Naughty Language

That lady has a mouth on her. Hot. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady’s Cool to the Max “Sunday Night Football” Photo

He’s been spending too much time with Rob Gronkowski. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Says He Likes Having S-E-X SEX!

Report: Tom Brady also likes boobies. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady is Not from Boston

Tom Brady's Wicked Accent from Tom Brady Yeah, a guy would get beaten up with that hairdo in Boston. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady’s Father: "I would be very hesitant to let my son out of the house dressed like that"

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, Tom Brady's father said he would be very hesitant to let his son play football if he knew then what is coming out about concussions. ... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady’s Public Embarrassment Tour Continues

Each time you think he’s hit bottom, he gets and even worse stylist. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady’s Latest Sartorial Embarrassment

Postseasons and offseasons are the times he likes to humiliate himself the most. Continue Reading →

Rob Gronkowski Takes Tom Brady from Behind

Pefect. A Tom Brady doll that is begging for a penalty. Continue Reading →

What Gisele Whispered to Tom Brady After Super Bowl XLVI

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Frame-by-Frame of Tom Brady’s Worst Super Bowl Play

He has decent pocket awareness and terrible self-awareness. Continue Reading →

EXCLUSIVE: Screen Cap of Gisele Bundchen-Brady’s Email Sent Folder

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Tom Brady: Toughest Man to Ever Slide to the Ground

“I’ll slide your ankles out, motherf—er!” Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Will Always Love the Billy Cundiff Goat

He won’t let it be slaughtered, as the Patriots might play the Ravens again next year. Continue Reading →

Tom Brady Ready to Play the 17th Or So Biggest Game of His Life

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says he is prepared to play in Sunday's AFC Championship Game, a game that by any measure is among the top 20 to 25 biggest games he ... Continue Reading →