November 6th 1995

Art Modell announces he is moving the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. However, Baltimore refused the team because they had lost a team 12 years earlier that way and vowed they would ... Continue Reading →

November 4th 1995

Key Arena opens as the Seattle SuperSonics beat Los Angeles Lakers, 103-89. Seattle officials guaranteed the new arena would keep the team in the city for as many as 12 years. Continue Reading →

August 31st 1995

Judge Lance Ito rules that only two tapes of racist comments by LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman can be played in the O.J. Simpson trial. Ito said that Fuhrman’s tapes of racist comments ... Continue Reading →

April 27th 1995

The Rockies beat the Mets 11-9 in the first game played at Denver’s Coors Field. It was quickly realized the ball traveled well in the stadium when Mets leadoff hitter Brett Butler ... Continue Reading →

April 23rd 1995

Sportscaster Howard Cosell dies at age 77. Cosell’s final words were: "And down goes Howard! Down goes Howard!" Continue Reading →

March 18th 1995

Michael Jordan announces he is ending his 17-month retirement from the NBA. The decision left the Birmingham Barons without a fifth outfielder just weeks before the start of the season. Continue Reading →

January 29th 1995

Andre Agassi defeats Pete Sampras to win the Australian Open. Agassi’s hairpiece came dislodged between the first and second sets, but he was able to borrow a swatch of Sampras’ ... Continue Reading →

January 17th 1995

The Los Angeles Rams announce they are moving to St. Louis. The move left the huge Los Angeles market with the USC Trojans as its sole professional football team. Continue Reading →

September 18th 1994

Ken Burns’ baseball history documentary "Baseball" debuts on PBS. With a runtime of 1,140 minutes, Burns’ was hailed by critics for providing viewers with a realistic ... Continue Reading →

August 14th 1994

Pitcher Dwight Gooden leaves the Betty Ford Center. Gooden left after discovering the Betty Ford Center did not have any cocaine. Continue Reading →

July 22nd 1994

O.J. Simpson pleads "absolutely 100-percent not guilty" to the charge of murder. Simpson’s statement raised significant doubts about his innocence, as he was the first ... Continue Reading →

July 17th 1994

Brazil wins a record fourth World Cup by defeating Italy on penalty kicks. The Brazilians credited their unmatched quickness and agility to their bald, silky smooth undercarriages that ... Continue Reading →

July 5th 1994

Boxer James "Buster" Douglas comes out of a diabetic coma. Douglas is thought to have gotten diabetes from eating Sugar Ray Leonard. Continue Reading →

June 17th 1994

O.J. Simpson leads police on a slow-speed chase across Los Angeles. Simpson was eventually apprehended by Det. Nordberg of the LAPD. Continue Reading →

January 7th 1994

Tonya Harding wins the U.S. women’s figure skating championship. Harding was originally entered in the pairs competition, but she had her partner killed moments before taking ... Continue Reading →

January 3rd 1994

Chief Wahoo, the 35-foot tall Cleveland Indians trademark that has sat atop Municipal Stadium since 1962, is taken down and moved to Jacobs Field. The forced march was called the Trail ... Continue Reading →

December 21st 1993

Shaquille O’Neal’s "I Know I Got Skillz" single from his debut rap album is certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. On word of the news, ... Continue Reading →

September 4th 1993

Yankees pitcher Jim Abbott no-hits the Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium. Abbott baffled the Cleveland lineup with a four-seam fastball, a change-up, a curveball, a knuckleball and ... Continue Reading →