Broncos Sign Every Free Agent But Tim Tebow

The Denver Broncos continued their free agent spending binge today, coming to terms with former Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware. The team also finalized deals with absolutely every ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Single Digits of People Turn Out for Jaguar Fans’ Tim Tebow Rally

Getting an entire game crowd to show up for one player like this is a pretty big coup! Continue Reading →

PICTURE: PGA Golfer Matt Every Has Tim Tebow’s Name and Number on His Bag Because Who Knows Why

Maybe Tim Tebow has Matt Every on his clipboard. Continue Reading →

Robert Kraft Agrees to Give Vladimir Putin Tim Tebow in Exchange for Super Bowl Ring

An growing diplomatic incident between American football team owner Robert Kraft and Russian president Vladimir Putin was resolved today when the Kraft agreed to give Putin backup ... Continue Reading →

Why Three-Time Super Bowl Champion Bill Belichick is Wrong and Tim Tebow Sucks – by your friend Steve

Why Three-Time Super Bowl Champion Bill Belichick is Wrong and Tim Tebow Sucks by your friend Steve You gotta be kidding me? The Patriots signed Tebow? Is this some kind of joke? ... Continue Reading →
Divisional Playoffs - Denver Broncos v New England Patriots

Tim Tebow To Sign With Patriots, Pending Physical And Confirmation This Isn’t A F–king Joke

by Ross Snow League sources confirmed Monday afternoon that quarterback Tim Tebow has been signed by the New England Patriots, pending the quarterback's successful completion ... Continue Reading →

“Unnecessary Censorship” Featuring Jason Collins and Tim Tebow

It might end up being the best offer Tebow gets. Continue Reading →
NFL: Preseason-New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals

BREAKING: Mark Sanchez Still Employed as Professional Football Quarterback

The New York Jets waived quarterback Tim Tebow Monday morning in a shocking move that means Mark Sanchez somehow still remains employed as a professional football quarterback. "I ... Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow: Now on Clearance

They put the sticker over his face because he’s crying. Continue Reading →

Rex Ryan Names Tim Tebow Offseason Starter at Quarterback

After another horrific start by Mark Sanchez closed out the New York Jets' season at 6-10, Rex Ryan announced in his post-game press conference that second-string quarterback ... Continue Reading →

Jets Name Tim Tebow First-String Decoy

The New York Jets today named Tim Tebow first-string decoy, a role they hope will end the quarterback's disappointment over his status on the team and show him his value. "Tim ... Continue Reading →

It’s to Give a Fair Shot to Tim Rex Tebow Grossman

Granted, Rex Grossman has proven to be a failure, but high-level logic is a post-graduate course at Florida. Continue Reading →

More Than 12 Jets Players Receive a Gift Basket from a “Mark S.”

Gift baskets were found in front of the lockers of more than 12 Jets players when the team arrived at their Florham Park, NJ, practice facility this morning. Each gift basket had a ... Continue Reading →

How should Tim Tebow respond to the teammates who ripped him anonymously to the media?

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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Caught Trying to Start “Tebow” Chant

by Ross Snow Shortly after Jets QB Mark Sanchez turned the ball over for the 2nd time in Sunday’s Jets-Seahawks game, an extremely vocal Jets fan appeared to be attempting to start ... Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow Presidential Write-In Vote

He somehow still lost to Mark Sanchez. Continue Reading →

Tim Tebow’s 10 Best Pickup Lines

Tim Tebow reportedly has a girlfriend – actress Camilla Belle. How did Tebow get a girlfriend? Here are his 10 best pickup lines. – – – – – Hey, girl. ... Continue Reading →

Michael Vick is a Better Christian Than Tim Tebow

Vick isn’t a Christian. He just has to give the football over to his creditors. Continue Reading →