The San Antonio Spurs Have Aged

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Robot Tim Duncan Just Discovered He Has Arms

Oh, no. He's self-aware. Run! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! Continue Reading →

TV Tim Duncan Smells Fan’s Neck

Santa’s beard probably holds more smells. Continue Reading →

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker Shoot Joey Crawford

Shooting him and hanging seems excessive. Continue Reading →

Tim Duncan Gets a "DND – Old" on NBA.com Boxscore

Forget that. One of their players has a left mid-foot? Continue Reading →

Tim Duncan Hits Chris Andersen in the Face, Dunk on Him

It only took 15 years for Tim Duncan to get interesting. Continue Reading →

Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan Playing Jazz

Jazz seems a bit too exciting for Tim Duncan. Continue Reading →

Jeopardy Contestants Are Dumb

How do they not know one of the most boring players of all-time? Continue Reading →

7 Other Surgeries Named After Athletes

Tommy John isn't the only athlete with a surgery named after him. Here are a few others. Continue Reading →

Tim Duncan of Los Spurs tries to honor Latinos by hitting el jumper.

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Tim Duncan Apologizes for Taking Cell Phone Pic of His Arm

San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan has apologized for compromising pictures of himself that were recently posted online, becoming just the latest NBA player to be exposed on the Internet. In ... Continue Reading →

Tim Duncan does his large, extremely boring guy trapped in a box routine.

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