Farting Interrupts Tiger Woods-Graeme McDowell Match

Outside of insulting women, farting is the peak of golf humor. Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods Loogies the Green

That will help a golfer behind him hold the green. Continue Reading →

A New Golfer for Dave Chappelle’s Racial Draft

He has a black hat. Does that count? Continue Reading →
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2010 Sports Punchline Honoree: Tiger Woods

Taking a look at the biggest sports punchlines of 2010… Tiger's humiliating downfall began at the end of 2009. But it was in 2010 that he truly hit rock bottom with sex ... Continue Reading →

If Tiger Had Started Twitter Last Year

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The Tiger Woods Family Game

It’s been on sale for the last year. Continue Reading →
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Tiger Woods is Just Trying to Humiliate Himself Now

And Phil Mickelson still doesn’t need to try. Continue Reading →

The Tiger Woods "Cigar Man" Meme Goes Historic

This Ryder Cup photo … … became this: And now this: Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods Is Trying To Kill You

He’s heard all of those jokes you’ve made and he’s had enough. Continue Reading →

Tiger Is Back

Now he’s going to go out and shoot 58. Continue Reading →
Britain Ryder Cup Golf

Tiger’s Walk of Shame

Why is he alone at this Ryder Cup dinner? Doesn’t he actually have more date options than the other guys? Continue Reading →

7 Pickup Lines To Try On Elin Nordegren

She is officially single again! YAY! So feel free to try these pickup lines on her. You're welcome in advance. Continue Reading →

Tiger’s Round 1 Scorecard

People were saying Tiger Woods was washed up. Over. That he was no longer the best golfer in the world. That he wouldn't even make the cut at the PGA Championship. Then he went ... Continue Reading →