Tiger Is Back

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Britain Ryder Cup Golf

Tiger’s Walk of Shame

Why is he alone at this Ryder Cup dinner? Doesn’t he actually have more date options than the other guys? Continue Reading →

7 Pickup Lines To Try On Elin Nordegren

She is officially single again! YAY! So feel free to try these pickup lines on her. You're welcome in advance. Continue Reading →

Tiger’s Round 1 Scorecard

People were saying Tiger Woods was washed up. Over. That he was no longer the best golfer in the world. That he wouldn't even make the cut at the PGA Championship. Then he went ... Continue Reading →

Nike Launches New "I Am Not Tiger Woods" Ad Campaign

Nike Golf launched a massive, new ad campaign today the company hopes will jumpstart sales for the struggling division. The ads, centered on the tagline "I Am Not Tiger Woods", ... Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods appears on Dateline NBC’s "To Catch A Nicklaus"

Scene: Sunday morning. The players locker room at the Old Course at St. Andrews. Continue Reading →

At this British Open photo shoot in Scotland, John Daly’s jacket was a welcome distraction from the fact that Lee Trevino wasn’t wearing any underwear

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Phil Mickelson throws up in his mouth a little bit at the U.S. Open after realizing that Tiger Woods is still much better than him.

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While taking in a boxing match at Yankee Stadium, Darryl Strawberry makes the worst decision of his life: dressing like Tiger Woods.

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Tiger Woods Doesn’t Win the Masters

Tiger Woods did not win the Masters. After a five-month layoff from golf due to personal problems, Woods made his return to the sport at the Masters and reportedly finished fourth, ... Continue Reading →

Phil Mickelson gets the crowd laughing and applauding at the Masters with his stand-up routine of Tiger Woods sex jokes.

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A group of fans at the Masters enjoys an up-close view of who they are pretty sure is Tiger Woods.

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Elin Woods Real F–king Happy for Tiger’s Masters Success

Tiger Woods' wife, Elin, says she is overjoyed at the surprising success her husband is having at the Masters — his first competitive golf since his many affairs became public. "Oh, ... Continue Reading →

The Masters piano music: Tiger Remix

Many expected Tiger Woods to struggle in his return to golf at the Masters. But after a five-month layoff, he put up his best opening round ever at Augusta. Now CBS is adjusting its ... Continue Reading →

No One At Masters Even Notices Ernie Els is in a Wheelchair

Not a single member of the media, PGA tour, or crowds of fans at the Augusta National Golf Club has made mention of the fact that three-times Major winner ErnieElsarrived Sunday morning ... Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods reads a line at the Masters. Yep, she’s definitely wearing panties. Too bad.

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6 Distractions for Tiger at the Masters

Tiger Woods says he is a new man, a better man. But the Masters is a difficult place for a supposed sex addict to make his return to golf. Consider the many distractions and temptations ... Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods Announces He Will Return to Perkins

Tiger Woods has made it official. The world's top golfer, who has not eaten in public since his infidelities became tabloid fodder back in Thanksgiving, announced today that he ... Continue Reading →