Tiger Woods Still Has One Big Fan

He'd be even more excited about an exciting sport. Continue Reading →

PGA to "Tiger-Proof" Courses by Putting Protective Barriers Around Fairways and Greens

The PGA Tour announced today that all future tournament courses will be retrofitted with protective nets and a barriers along the fairway and greens to protect patrons from getting ... Continue Reading →

Application Form to be Tiger Woods’ New Caddy

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Taiwanese Animation of Tiger Firing His Caddie

He should have quit for always getting kicked off of things. Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods’s Ad for an Asian Back Cream

Tiger Woods needs to be good again so we can make a Tiger Woods creaming-on-backs joke. Continue Reading →

Live TV Coverage of the US Open

Next hour, Tiger does laundry. Continue Reading →

A Very Dated Tiger Woods Ad

Pick up chicks? No. Pick up porn stars? Yes. Continue Reading →

NY Post Has a Subtle Tiger Woods Headline

The NY Post, for when TMZ won’t look at your resume. Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods Murders Phil Mickelson In Order to be Feared Again

In the midst of the worst slump of his golf career, and with fellow golfers saying he is no longer feared, Tiger Woods took a major step towards intimidating the PGA again by savagely ... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Golf Column About Tiger Woods

Directions: Just circle a word or phrase in each list, print it out, hand it in to a major media outlet and you'll be a published golf columnist! You're welcome! - – ... Continue Reading →

America Still Confident That Phil Mickelson is a Choker

At times like this I remember what a great country this is. Continue Reading →

Tiger Likes Being On This Magazine Rack

Someone tell Derrick Rose to wake up. (via Midwest Sports Fans) Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods’ New Girlfriend Likely Just Trying to Gain Access to World No. 1 Martin Kaymer

Tiger Woods has his first steady girlfriend since his divorce from Elin Nordegren became final, as the golfer is seeing Alyse Lahti Johnston, a 22 year-old Florida woman. But since ... Continue Reading →