Report: Former Golfing Phenom Tiger Woods is Injured Again and Is Old and One Day Soon We’ll All Die

According to reports, Tiger Woods has re-injured his back and likely will never be the golfer he once was because we are all aging and, in a blink of history’s eye, will be rotted ... Continue Reading →

CBS Panicking After Their Tiger Woods Impersonator Shoots 43-Over 115 at Masters

CBS Sports executives are huddling in a meeting room at Augusta National, discussing how to proceed with broadcasting the Masters tournament after the Tiger Woods impersonator they ... Continue Reading →

Nike Debuts New “I am The Field” Golf Commercial

Late in the final round of the British Open — and more than a decade after the iconic “I am Tiger Woods” commercial first ran — Nike Golf aired a new ad with ... Continue Reading →

Crazy-Eyed Tiger Woods Looking a Little Drunk

This is the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to him. Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods Lost the Masters by 4 Strokes as Americans Continue to Struggle with Basic Math

4 minus 2 equals … WOOOOOO! TIGER! Continue Reading →

Pockets of the Country Hate Davis Love and Steve Stricker

Yeah, remember when Davis Love told Wyoming to blow him? Great golf moment. Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods and “Threesome” Still Chuckle-Worthy

Mickelson and Watson are actually more attractive than several of the women Woods was linked to. Continue Reading →

Is Tiger Woods back?

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Montana Loves it Some Tiger Woods

He once did a stripper named Montana. Continue Reading →

New York Post’s Classiest Headline Yet

Golf is classy. It’s referred to as an intercourse scandal. Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods’ Caddy Wins Golf Tournament by 5 Strokes

Joe LaCava won his first golf tournament since caddying Dustin Johnson to a victory seven months ago with a 5-shot victory Sunday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. LaCava was joined ... Continue Reading →

Alternate Titles for the Tiger Woods Tell-All "The Big Miss"

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Tiger Woods Fan an Even Bigger Mashed Potatoes Fan

It's probably some weird sex term. Continue Reading →

Classy Tiger Woods Art

Unfortunately, today’s Tiger would probably miss the hole. Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods Still Has One Big Fan

He'd be even more excited about an exciting sport. Continue Reading →

PGA to "Tiger-Proof" Courses by Putting Protective Barriers Around Fairways and Greens

The PGA Tour announced today that all future tournament courses will be retrofitted with protective nets and a barriers along the fairway and greens to protect patrons from getting ... Continue Reading →

Application Form to be Tiger Woods’ New Caddy

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Taiwanese Animation of Tiger Firing His Caddie

He should have quit for always getting kicked off of things. Continue Reading →