Michael Young Sharts at Shortstop

That's probably why they changed him to third. Continue Reading →

Texas Rangers Fan Checks His Cup

Everything is bigger in Texas. Especially the lack of hygiene. Continue Reading →

Texas Rangers Do Not Condone the Wave

As long as they don’t ban the Macarena and letting the dogs out. Continue Reading →

Mike Napoli’s At-Bat Music: "I Feel Like A Woman"

Shania Twain is Canadian. That's not a baseball song. Continue Reading →
Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki is No Randy Johnson

He throws a baseball pretty well for a German. Continue Reading →

Old Lady Throws Like An Old Lady

Johnny Damon is jealous of her throwing arm. Continue Reading →

Pretty Rangers Fan Marrying Worst Person Ever

"Do you, Taylor, take this douche … " Continue Reading →

3 Year-Old Distraught Over Potential Michael Young/Rangers Divorce

Seems fake. That might actually be Michael Young. Continue Reading →

1950s Civil Defense Film Knew the Outcome of the 2010 World Series

I think that kid might be little Bruce Bochy. (via Big League Stew) Continue Reading →

Little Ron Washington Gets a Speaking Role

First it's "Play Ball!" Next it's a part in a major motion picture. Continue Reading →

Big Ron Washington and Little Ron Washington

Tough to say who would have done a better job managing in the World Series. Continue Reading →

If Josh Hamilton Ever Falls Off the Wagon, He Should Do It In San Francisco

I’m sure Hamilton makes enough money to buy his own ginger ale, thank you very much. Continue Reading →

Ron Washington: The Halloween Costume

They have candy cigarettes. Is there candy cocaine? (via MidwestSportsFans) Continue Reading →