Extensive Photo and Video Evidence There is Something Seriously Wrong with Texas Rangers Fans

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Rangers Fans Happy About Making Little Kid Cry

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Texas Rangers Fan Likes Baseball More than Spelling

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Texas Fan Acts Like a Fan from Texas

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Baseball Fan Loves Everyone

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Texas Rangers Fan Has Amazing Mouth

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World’s Biggest Yu Darvish Fan

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Mike Napoli’s Christmas Shirt

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Rangers Excited to See Yu Darvish Throw His Gyroball

The Texas Rangers won the negotiating rights to star Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish, paying $51.7 million to the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. Now the Rangers eagerly wait to sign Darvish ... Continue Reading →

Free Agent Pitcher C.J. Wilson Comes to Terms with His Mortality

Free agent starter C.J. Wilson, the most sought after pitcher on the market, announced today that he has come to terms with his mortality following some extreme turbulence he experienced ... Continue Reading →

Texas Rangers World Series Champions Tattoo

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Missouri Felt the World Series Was Pretty Good

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Alex Rodriguez Strikes Out to End Cardinals-Rangers World Series

The Cardinals-Rangers World Series ended in an odd, yet unsurprising way Friday night, as New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez struck out for the third and final out in the ... Continue Reading →

1980s Ron Washington Considers the Popularity of Cocaine

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Mike Napoli’s Foot is Very Bendy

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Missourians Will Happily Take the Blame for Tony LaRussa’s Bullpen Mismanagement

Usually in these polls, Ron Washington only takes Texas, Washington and Washington, D.C. Continue Reading →

The Texas Rangers’ Dancing Grounds Crew Man

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Rangers Fans Loves the Rangers

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