VIDEO: Miss Texas Throws New Worst First Pitch Ever

See should hook up with 50 Cent to conceive the worst pitcher ever. – – – – – Also see … VIDEO: If 50 Cent pitched to Bartolo Colon SP’s MLB ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Leonys Martin Takes a Fly Ball to the Head

2014: The Year the Houston Astros played a whole season in disguise as the Texas Rangers. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Texas Rangers Fans Are Too Dumb to Do the Wave Without Injuring Themselves

It’s probably because every time a Texas resident stands up, a gun falls out of their pocket. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Smooth Little Kid Gives Extra Baseball to Pretty Teenage Girl

He is no doubt the king at Bill Clinton Elementary. Continue Reading →

PICTURE: Texas Rangers Fan Sign Foiled by Texas Education

Don’t say anything to the kid. He’s probably armed. Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Texas Rangers Broadcaster Thinks Little Mark is a Little Girl

Texas fathers tend not to enjoy it when their sons are called girls. Continue Reading →

“Hello. Yes, this is dog. Yes, I’m interested in Rangers tickets.”

You already have a fur coat, you pussy/dog. Continue Reading →

Astros Fan’s Polite Reaction to Yu Darvish’s Lost Perfect Game

Maybe he’s just showing that they got one hit. Continue Reading →

Mini Yu Darvish

He’s just like Yu Darvish, only without the pitching ability. Continue Reading →

Texas Rangers Urged to Not Choke Like Tony Romo

Everything is bigger in Texas. Including the collapsing. Continue Reading →

Rangers Fan Curses Her Mom a Happy Birthday

And many goddam more, you bitch. Continue Reading →

Crazy-Faced Woman Texas Rangers Fan

They haven’t had someone that artificial since Jose Canseco. BaZING! Continue Reading →

Rangers Fan Does the Worm After Catching HR Ball

Your browser does not support iframes. Most baseball players would go on the DL if they tried that. Continue Reading →

Gary Sinise Sucks at Pitching

Forrest Gump throws better. Continue Reading →

Ron Washington Puppet is Creepy

You can hide your drugs in it. Continue Reading →

Austrian Paper Calls Josh Hamilton a "Junkie"

Wait. Why are Austrian papers covering baseball? Continue Reading →

Hitting Four Home Runs Doesn’t Make You Cool

He took up baseball when his ’90s boy band folded. Continue Reading →

Classy Josh Hamilton Dedicates 4 HRs to the Memory of Albert Pujols

After hitting four home runs on Tuesday night, breaking the American League record for most bases in a game, Rangers leftfielder Josh Hamilton was quick to defer credit for his accomplishment. "None ... Continue Reading →