Maria Sharapova Stole Your Grandmother’s Underwear

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Tennis Is Very Bouncy

I would like to see her play Anna Kournikova. Very much. Continue Reading →

7 Athletes Who Unfortunately Released Their Own Scents

"Unbreakable" — by Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian "There's something sexy about a couple sharing a scent," says Khloe Kardashian in the opening of the ... Continue Reading →

Caroline Wozniacki Takes One In The Face

This is not really the way many of her male fans imagined it. Continue Reading →

Videobomb was the Highlight of the Australian Open

He is the Roger Federer of videobombing. Continue Reading →

Dead Spot on the Court at the Australian Open

It's like a metaphor for the sports of tennis. Continue Reading →

Big-Boobed Kim Clijsters Would Like You To Know She’s Not Pregnant

She seemed flirtatious. She's clearly trying to get pregnant. Continue Reading →
Tennis world number one Caroline Wozniak

Caroline Wozniacki Has a Chode

Having a penis drops her from an 8 to a … 7.9. Continue Reading →

Tennis Racket Flies Off the Handle

Tennis needs more exploding rackets to boost ratings. Continue Reading →

Coolest Line Judge Ever

Truman Capote has come back to life to be a tennis judge. Continue Reading →

Tennis Streaker Fails Miserably

It's good he covered up down there. That could have hurt. Continue Reading →

This Is The Hot, New, Female Tennis Star

It could also be Nicholas Mahut using tennis balls for boobs. Continue Reading →

Kim Clijsters Gets It In the Butt from an Elephant

This is the first-ever women's butt news in tennis not about Serena Williams. Continue Reading →
Qatar ATP Open Tennis

Federer and Nadal Play Tennis in the Water

Note in the middle of the picture is Qatar’s famed penis building. Continue Reading →

The 15 Funniest Athlete Tweets of 2010

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Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki

Roger Federer Turns Heads at US Open with Revealing Tennis Dress

Roger Federer moved on at the US Open last night, but it wasn't his usual stellar play that left tennis fans talking — it was his low-cut tennis dress. "I thought I ... Continue Reading →

No one at the US Open could take another word out of Stephen Baldwin’s stupid mouth.

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A young fan at the US Open explains to Kanye West that she initially followed him on Twitter, but then stopped because she found him really f–king an

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