Flowchart: Who Should You Root for in the MLB Playoffs?

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Tampa Residents Annoyed They’re Still Supposed to Pay Attention to the Rays

While the Red Sox's late-season slide down the standings has thrown Boston into a panic, the team who is in hot pursuit — the Tampa Bay Rays — has only annoyed the residents ... Continue Reading →

Rookie Hazing: The Best Part of Major League Baseball

In the ’90s, rookies were hazed by not being given steroids. Continue Reading →

David Price Gets a Sunslower Seed Shower

It's less corporate than a Gatorade shower. Continue Reading →

Rays Fans Fight for a Baseball in a Trash Can

Oscar the Grouch will kick that guy's ass. Continue Reading →

James Shields and David Price Want to Help You Pitch

It seems like a parody, but the Rays actually can't afford better production values. Continue Reading →

Baseball Player Trips in Super Slow-Mo

It's okay. It's in Tampa so no one saw it. Continue Reading →
Tampa Bay Rays Photo Day

Manny Ramirez Already Up to 675 Pounds

Less than two weeks after stepping away from baseball, former major league slugger Manny Ramirez is already pushing 700 pounds. "He is an incredibly lazy man," said his wife, ... Continue Reading →

Joe Maddon Ejects Umpires

He's pretty angry for a guy who wears lady glasses. Continue Reading →

Joe Maddon Is The Coolest Man In Tampa

He fills out his lineup card in tiger blood. (via Sports Hernia) Continue Reading →

Florida’s Governor Doesn’t Have a Very Good Fastball

The campaign manager that suggested he throw out the first pitch should be fired. Continue Reading →

Flowchart: Who Should You Root For in the MLB Playoffs?

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Rays Have a Champagne Slip-and-Slide

Carlos Pena completely whiffed on his attempt to hit the plastic. Continue Reading →

Someone call TLC and get this fan a show

TLC already has "Little People, Big World." And "The Littlest Couple." And "Little Chocolatiers." Really. I'm not making that up. "Little ... Continue Reading →

Rays Hit for 19th Imperfect Game In Baseball History

The Tampa Bay Rays hit for the 19th imperfect game in baseball history on Sunday, failing to have a single batter reach base against Oakland pitcher Dallas Braden. It was the first ... Continue Reading →

Tampa Bay Rays: 2010 Preview

SportsPickle is previewing each MLB team in the lead up to Opening Day 2010. Today:Tampa Bay Rays (2009: 84-78, 3rd in AL East) Continue Reading →

With Tampa’s Evan Longoria at second, Orioles 2B Brian Roberts takes the opportunity to get one letter away from his fantasy of face-humping Eva Longo

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Who is Carl Crawford?

Carl Crawford won the MVP in the All-Star Game thanks to his catch in the seventh inning that prevented a home run. But as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays, Crawford flies under the radar ... Continue Reading →