PICTURE: Penn State Selling T-Shirt Commemorating 23-17 Week 1 Win Over Mighty Syracuse

Penn Staters, you can order yours here. Act now while supplies last so you can get “bragging about your awesome team!” Continue Reading →
Boeheim big lead

PICTURE: Napping Jim Boeheim Bringing Lots of Energy to the ACC!

He appears to be very flexible for his age. Good for him. Continue Reading →

Jim Boeheim’s Final Play in the Final Four, Needing Three Points to Tie

Hall of Famer. Continue Reading →
Le Moyne Syracuse Basketball

Jim Boeheim Breaks Walk-On’s Neck for Final Four Inspiration

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim left a walk-on paralyzed today after snapping his neck during Syracuse's practice in preparation for the Final Four. Senior Jeff Tolleson is in ... Continue Reading →

Jim Boeheim Gives One Last Nose Pick in Big East Tournament

He found the ACC in there. Continue Reading →

Georgetown Fan Trolls Syracuse Fan

In fairness, Nickelback is fairly new in upstate New York. Continue Reading →

Little Boy is the Future Voice of Syracuse Basketball

Jim Boeheim will still be the coach then. Continue Reading →

Jim Boeheim Gets Phone Call During Interview

That is the ring tone of a man old enough to win 900 games. Continue Reading →

Boeheim, Calipari Angrily Dispute NCAA Ad Claim That Some of Their Players Get Jobs Outside of Sports

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim and Kentucky head coach John Calipari both angrily disputed claims today in an NCAA ad running during the NCAA Tournament claiming that most "student-athletes" ... Continue Reading →

Which of the No. 1 seeds do you think is the best bet to make it out of the Sweet 16 to the Final Four?

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Which No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament is most likely to get upset?

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The Syracuse Orange Is A Big Perv

Having sex with him is committing plantiality. Continue Reading →

Syracuse Fans Can’t High-Five

You should see how uncoordinated Syracuse football fans are. Continue Reading →

10 Days To College Football: Greg Paulus

There are only a few days left until the first Saturday of the college football season and SportsPickle is counting down the top stories of 2009. Today: No. 10, Greg Paulus. Continue Reading →