Harsh Newspaper Claims Ryan Lochte “Blows”

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Italian Swimmer is Terrifying Freak

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The Real Reason for Michael Phelps’ Decline

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Home Depot Shift Manager Starting to Think Michael Phelps isn’t 100% Focused on His Job

Gary Heckerdt has worked at Home Depot since 1998, moving his way up from a part-time staffer to shift manager at the Towson, Maryland, location. "I know most people don't ... Continue Reading →

Slumping Michael Phelps Nearly Drowns During 200-Meter Butterfly

Following two second place finishes last weekend at the Charlotte Grand Prix event, 14-time Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps struggled even more today at the Miami Swim Nationals, ... Continue Reading →

Inflatable Doll Swimming Race

The winner is getting laid. And also all of the losers. Continue Reading →

Swimmer Has Great Lung Capacity, Last Place

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"O’s, bro. O’s."

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Slumping Swimmer Drowns

As swimming fans were following the Michael Phelps-Milorad Cavic rivalry at the world championships in Rome, a far more tragic storyline concluded on the final day of the event when ... Continue Reading →