Mike McCarthy Is Not A Genius

Good job, Mike Tomlin. You lost to a moron. Continue Reading →

NFL Sheepishly Offers Oral To Those Impacted By Super Bowl Seat Snafu

The NFL upped its offer again today to the 1,200 fans who were not allowed to sit in the seats they paid for at Super Bowl XLV. After initially refunding the cost of the ticket four ... Continue Reading →

Suave Declares Clay Matthews Head & Shoulders Above Troy Polamalu

It’s surprising any hair product wants to associate itself with Clay Matthews. Continue Reading →

New York’s Iconic Building Celebrates … The Green Bay Packers?

Granted, New York doesn’t have an NFL team. Only New Jersey does. Continue Reading →

Beijing Olympic Organization > Super Bowl Organization

Our dancers should have trained in diapers. (via Total Pro Sports.com) Continue Reading →

Packers Fan in Western PA Kind of Enjoying Green Bay’s Victory

Best of all: keying his truck can’t make it look crappier than it already does. Continue Reading →

Packers Super Bowl Title Should Get Revoked Over This Video

The Packers aren't the first 6-seed in the Super Bowl. If only that was the worst part. Continue Reading →

Daniel Tosh Has Been To Every WNBA Eastern Conference Finals

As though this puts him in some exclusive club. Pffft. Who hasn't? Continue Reading →

Super Bowl Stadium Of Food

B.J. Raji wishes the Super Bowl had been in this stadium. (via Hot Clicks) Continue Reading →

Packers Fans Slightly More Confident About Green Bay’s Dynasty Potential Than The Rest Of America

They couldn’t even get enough people in that Michigan’s penis part stuck to them to turn. Continue Reading →

The NFL’s Official Facebook Page During Super Bowl XLV

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MST3k: "Packers won the Super Bowl!"

Mystery Science Theatre just came to Green Bay. Continue Reading →

The 10 Worst Super Bowl XLV Commercials

HomeAway.com: "Test Baby" Message: Instead of staying in a cramped hotel room that will result in your baby's face getting smashed, rent someone's house and stay ... Continue Reading →

What was the worst Super Bowl XLV commercial?

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NFL Players Go On Strike In Waning Minutes of Super Bowl To Force League’s Hand

In the waning minutes of Super Bowl XLV, with the Green Bay Packers precariously clinging to a 3-point lead over the Steelers in an exciting game, the two teams took off their helmets, ... Continue Reading →

Cameron Diaz Feeds A-Rod Popcorn

Football season is over; it’s now making-fun-of-A-Rod season. Continue Reading →

Alternative TV Programming Options to the Super Bowl

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Paul The Human makes his Puppy Bowl pick

Paul, the human with the crippling gambling problem, predicted today that Koda, a Siberian Husky, would be the winner of this year's Puppy Bowl. Paul made his selection as he ... Continue Reading →