Coach Admires Gymnastics Butt

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Being a Gymnastics Parent Looks Exhausting

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Italian Swimmer is Terrifying Freak

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USA Wins Gold Medal for Coolest Fencing Mask

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Why Every Nation in the Olympics Sucks

A Afghanistan – You repeatedly defeat invading forces because your country is an inhospitable hellscape. Congratulations. Except for the fact that you live in an inhospitable ... Continue Reading →

The Real Reason for Michael Phelps’ Decline

Subway destroyed his poo. Continue Reading →

How do you feel about tape delayed coverage of the Olympics?

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USA Flexes Muscles with Unannounced Stadium Flyover During London 2012 Opening Ceremonies

Five U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptors brought the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies to a halt when they roared over top of the Olympic Stadium during a musical number halfway through Friday's ... Continue Reading →

How to Improve Every Sport in the Olympics

Archery – Archery sucks because there are no moving targets. Know what targets would move? Other archers. Badminton – Badminton should be played using the same rules we ... Continue Reading →

Durex Wins Olympic Gold in Advertising

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Rejected London 2012 Olympics Promotional Slogans

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Great Moments in Olympic Sports Failure

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Diving Day Six - 14th FINA World Championships

Great Moments in Funny Olympic Sports Photos

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